Wednesday, March 25, 2009

so, what have you been doing lately?

I am on the home stretch now- hooray!!! Thirty wabbits stuffed, thirty carrots complete, all that is left to do is to close them off, attach carrot, name and tag and deliver. ( and hopefully sell a few...)
Lucky for me, my new friend Flossy-p and another gorgeous friend Miss E are coming over next Wednesday for a crafternoon to help me finish off. Very kind of them to offer there expert services. I can't wait!
Such a momentous occasion will be marked by the lighting of our cob oven. ( wood fired pizza oven made of mud hand built by my very clever and lovely Chef) A swine will be sacrificed to feed the helpers and families. Yeehaaarr (sorry to offend vegetarians) Plus some delicious vegies baked in the wood fired oven - everything tastes better when its been cooked like that! I am excited about the food as well as crafternoon.
Wednesday is my night to cook (I only have to cook one night a week but you would be amazed at how often I try to talk my way out of it) - so I better get crackin- an oldie but a goodie I stole from Jamie Oliver- kind of- I can't follow a recipe- I feel so stifled, never been good at following the rules... so a bit of chirizo, brocoli, muchroom and pasta, perhaps some pesto depending on basil situation in the garden.


  1. Wow - you must be seeing wabbits in your sleep!!! Have fun on your crafternoon!!

  2. Good Lord, you've finished????!!!!!
    You're a powerhouse!!!!

  3. ohhh they look so cool all grouped like that - you've been super busy!

  4. the wabbits are gorgeous - even with their bumfluff showing!
    I hope they all find good loving homes.

  5. Your little animals are so unique, funky and fun! Do your hands hurt from getting them all done?

    PS: I find recipies from Bill Granger are really easy to create and play with too :)

  6. Wow - they look fantastic.
    A crafternoon sounds like such good fun... wish you girls lived just a tad closer...


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