Monday, May 25, 2009

Flood waters rise and bank balance falls- thankyou Etsy.

So Bellingen has just recovered from its THIRD FLOOD in 9 weeks! We were suppose to be going on holidays up north to meet friends from Sydney- this has been planned for months so we were devastated...on Sat I was wondering how much our house is worth and logistically how difficult would it be to move to good friend Miss E suggested retail therapy so I had a good scroll through my faves on Etsy, you can see by the colour choices life was a little muted:

In the end I went with the Heirapparel neck warmer thingy- but in different colours, plum, purple, grey has eased the pain of missing a lovely holiday a little bit.....


  1. That is very sad. Vacations are such important refreshers of one's soul. Hopefully, you will be able to reschedule.

  2. Oh! You didn't get to go! I'm disappointed for you. :<

  3. So sorry to hear about the floods andthe missed holiday. If i was to move back to Australia, much as i love NSW i think i would be drawn to Melbourne. I could be a weirdy stalker of Lark then!!!
    As for your shopping spree colours being muted to refelct the rain and your mood, I went shopping to cheer myself up when i was feeling down once and it was only when i got home that i realised every single item I had bought was GREY!
    Hope the sun shines again for you soon

  4. There is such a thing as too much water under the bridge, or in Bellingen's case over the bridge too. Enough is enough already, but at least you are doing your bit for the economy while being stranded :)

  5. That naughty rain :(
    I was wondering how you fared... Pity abt the missed holiday...
    Heard someone say that if these floods are one-in-a-hundred-years, then we should be covered now for another 3 centuries! That makes sense doesn't it?

    Wishing for sunny happy days for you.


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