Monday, June 15, 2009

I just got an award- my first one - ( maybe ever?!) from Splendid Little Stars- which is very kind so I must say- Thank you kindly.
Sooo, I have to tell you 8 things about me that you may find interesting- so here goes:
1. As well as loving Etsy, I love markets- so much so- that I (unknowingly to Chef) planned the whole of our honeymoon around New Zealand to coincide with various markets on in various locations around New Zealand.
2. Chef and I bought a house with no toilet. I know. Bizarre. Long story... so we had a long drop for a while. Now we have a composting toilet that uses absolutely no water... I will write more about this amazing concept another time.... if you are interested.... it is quite an amazing looking structure...people do get excited by it...
3. The turning point in me noticing my now beloved Chef , was the time he returned from the kitchen at about 1am- after a big night at the pub- with Lamb Shanks in a tomato and rosemary sauce with mashed potato and broccoli. All of a sudden it was like seeing him for the first time...............
4. I am a "chucker" - rather a giver awayer- Chef is a hoarder. This at times causes a few issues. I will be giving something away and I can see him clenching because "he was going to use it". So agreement was made- no giving before checking.
5. Our house rule number one is: do not start a sentence with " you always" this always causes an argument. Always. try it. see what happens.
6. I am the eternal optimist. can't help it. The glass is half full.
7. I get hangry- hunger+ anger = Hangry... when those blood sugars are low- look out.
8. I am a shocking fidget and fiddler. Shocking. Drives chef insane. I work with a woman who is the stillest person I have EVER met in my life. We can sit next to each other in a meeting and she will not move her arms or legs, or fiddle with her hair or fingernail or earring ... ( I could go on here...) I am in awe of her stillness....
SoI have to tag poeple- which I really don't like because I see it a bit like a chain letter or one of those if you don't forward this email 100 people will die type things... but feel no pressure to do this at all:
Hopefully, you will discover some new blogs too.


  1. thankyou so much :). I'm battling a rotten cold and this is so lovely...

  2. congrats on the award!!
    this is such a cool post - the house with no toilet
    haha that made me chuckle!!
    i giveaway a lot too ( freecycle org is so good!!) but Im also a hoarder as well - im much better than what I used to be so am proud of myself that way!

  3. Hi Cath!

    Congrats on the award! As for Where The Wild Things Are, according to here the release date in Australian is December 10 2009. But according to here it's maybe never! Oh no I'm sure that second one isn't really true!

  4. That is so freaky - I get hangry too (I just didn't have a cool name for it). I remember once having an argument with my ex because he ate a packet of chips that were in the pantry that I wanted at that very specific low blood sugar moment!
    Ditto for number 6 and number 8 too... I'm always shaking a leg or clicking a pen... can;t sit still.

  5. Maybe you and the still-lady balance each other feng-shui wise...thanks for the 'award' I thinks its my first.....blush!

  6. Hello! It is so nice to meet you! Thank you for your lovely comment at Hello Sandwich!
    That was so sweet of you! I am so happy you love the environment too! Yay! And its so sweet you have the 'its nice to be nice' and are supporting handmade on your blog! So wonderful!
    Lets stay in touch!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  7. Hellooo! Just to say I have tagged you for a photo story on my blog but please don't feel you have to do it!

  8. ps, the 'HANGRY' thing is so spot on... I am just so happy I now have a word for it Thank you!

  9. How fun to learn these "facts" about you! Oh, do tell of the composting toilet. I believe I get hangry, too, at times. Yay for the new word.
    keepers & chuckers: that's a difficult balance. That exists in my household, too!


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