Monday, July 13, 2009

my taste vs busy...

Busy has recently requested "a twirly skirt" so she can be like a "princess" ( God help me, I was warned about this phase) so over the last couple of weeks I have made her a few- I have mostly dressed her in trousers so she can still climb etc ...but of late I have been troubled to notice she has started arguing with me about clothes... ( I know, she is 2 and a half she argues with me about most things- on Saturday night we were going to a fancy dress party- theme was 70's Funk- I had to bribe ( positive reinforcement) her with an ice block to wear the fur vest and suede fringe boots I had planned for her- yes she looked very cute, I wore a brown Afro which a lot of people thought was really my hair!!!) ...and because I am a bit of a control freak I am not really coping with this challenging behaviour.

I just finished sewing the top skirt this morning... loving the fabric and I am pretty happy with how it turned out... I upcycled a women's skirt I found in an op shop to make the blue skirt. I love the top one- would wear it myself perhaps, the bottom one I would never wear ever. But I know what is going to happen when the little monkey gets home- I can already hear the words she will say when she sees the bird one " I don't like it"( because its not pink, sparkly etc etc)... she may like it because it has birds on it... but lets be honest she is not going to... I will let you know tomorrow.... I can always put it on Etsy...


  1. I only see one skirt (and it's not blue). This is a very pretty princess skirt. She could always wear pants or shorts under the skirt. (I know, I know, convince HER of that!)

  2. Please, please, please make adult versions of the top one or anything similar - I blinking love it! Do I see a new Etsy line here??? They are very lovely. And as for the dressing thing...I have so given up having a say in that with my three. Luckily my eldest means it has encouraged an individual dress style but my little boy looks ridiculous as he has only ONE pair of trousers and ONE tshirt that he wants to wear and they are old and yukkky and the trousers make him look like Forest Gump, swinging round his ankles...and then there's the youngest who has been picky about her clothes since she was 2 and now at 4 is so strongminded, sometimes only a cinderella dress to the supermarket will do.

  3. Here's another to throw into the mix. Miss Seven chooses fabric from stash (so it just won't be pink and sparkly) and I get going to sew three twirly skirts from anklebiter approved pattern. The following morning, she puts one on and does a cartwheel. Flatly refuses to wear ANY of them EVER because the skirt is too narrow for cartwheeling.


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!