Friday, July 24, 2009

open letter to Mr Truck Driver.

Dear Mr B Double Truck Driver,
When I am driving along the Pacific Highway to my place of employment I am doing the speed limit, harassing me with your large truck is not advisable.
Mr Tuck Driver when you tail- gate me when we are driving through a known black spot on the highway ( ie where their have been heaps of accidents) I will not go any faster. I am doing the speed limit.
Mr Truck Driver when you flash your lights and sound your horn at me I will continue to do the speed limit.
Mr Truck Driver when you drive past me like a bat out of hell in the overtaking lane and make rude gestures at me and scream rude comments and horrible names you may not realise that I am pre-menstrual....
Mr Truck Driver when you over take me and I memorise your number plate and the name of the company you work for you may not have realised that I plan to phone your employer when I arrive at work.
Mr Truck Driver you may also not have realised that I also witnessed you tail gating another car and driving in a dangerous way.
Mr Truck Driver you may have been very angry when Mr and Ms Police Officer came out of a side street and made you pull over.
Mr Truck Driver you may have been surprised when I saw the police pull you over that I also felt the need to pull over as did the other woman you tail gated.
Mr Truck Driver I could see that you were very cranky when the other woman and I told Ms Police Officer the gestures and comments you had made to us after tail gating and harassing us.
Mr Truck Driver surely you have learnt that you need to be a bit more respectful to other people on the road.
Mr Truck driver is going to get into big trouble.


  1. Goodness me, Mr Truck Driver sounds like a nasty sort of fellow! I'll bet it felt good to when he got BUSTED!!

    On a brighter note, Valentino arrived safely today. There's a post on my blog about him :)

    Thanks, he's just lovely!


  2. I am so glad that you are ok, and i am too very happy he has got caught!

  3. Ha ha suck on that Mr Truckdriver!

  4. My daydreams have just come true for you... the fact that "that person" has been pulled over straight after the incident. How sweet it must have felt!


  5. Yay to you..I HATE THAT!!! Kim :)

  6. Great post!
    I had a terrible delivery driver drop some stock off to my store during the week, all F words and almost running a customer over with his trolley. I wrote a letter to my head office and they laid a formal complaint against him plus the head of the courier company met with them about it! Take that delivery driver!

  7. Good for you!
    Oh, that Mr Truckdriver is sadly a too-common thing around these parts.
    One day, Cath. One day this terrible highway we share will be all sorted out...

  8. You Champion! That's the best story I've heard. And terrifyingly, that truck driver isn't the only one. Alot of them drive that way, and we feel like we risk death each time we drive on the highway, especially after 7pm. It stops me going out at night on my own.

    I'm SO SO SO glad one of them has been busted! Lets hope he looses his license. I know that sounds malicious of me, but I'm sick of drivers toying with my mortality like I'm nothing more than a twig.

  9. Go YOU! That is awesome that he got pulled over and that you got to have your say. I hate people that drive dangerously (and putting you in jeopardy too). There should be more people like you. x

  10. Good on you!!! This story made me angry.. then made me happy - I love justice!

  11. good for you! a little comeuppance never hurt anyone!


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