Wednesday, July 01, 2009


What do you wear to bed? I have a constant quandary about this... I cannot find pyjamas I like that are reasonably priced. Why do manufacturers think that just because I am going to bed I want to dress like a 2 year old? Why would I want to wear teddy bears/ snoopy/ Garfield to bed? Is this a form of population control? Are manufacturers secretly working with the government to make people look so unattractive when they go to bed that they will not go near each other....Most of the options just scream contraception to me- is this why relationships break up? Are men fearful of going near Garfield? He is hardly going to get you in the mood... and those shapeless horrible cuts and flouro pink designs in flannel no less (- not that there is anything wrong with flannel - but why does it always have to have teddy bears on it???... ) its like when you have a baby - just because I have a baby doesn't mean I am going to carry a nappy bag/ buy a pram with Winnie the Pooh all over it?? ( thankfully this has changed a lot over the years and there are now great options but still - Winnie lurks) ( I do love Winnie don't get me wrong- but he belongs between the cover of a book not on a highchair) Where can I get affordable PJ's? I know a lot of you will be fans of Peter Alexander but even he has gone downhill for example this is exactly what I am talking about- just because they are hipster doesn't make them ok!!!
Oh what to wear.....................................................................????


  1. this made me laugh!!!
    I don't wear anything, I agree, so very unattractive

  2. haha a customer came into my shop today with a peter alexander bag - and it had those snowman pj's in it!!

  3. Funny!!!

    I wear light grey tracksuit pants bought from Target and a white t-shirt.

    I even splashed out and bought a Bond jumper to wear as part of my evening wear attire : )

    Good luck on your search!!

  4. I'm afraid I wear flannies to bed (I'm always cold) - but mine aren;t $60 Peter Alexander flannies - more like 10 year old Kmart flannies.

  5. oh yes, i need some pjs too, but am lurking around in old t-shirt until i find something without lovehearts/not pink/ no trashy slogans ('hot stuff' 'princess') or other horridness. Do let me know if you find something decent (and with an extra long leg! or our ankles will get chilly!)
    x Pepper

  6. pj's or shorts and tanktop for me... :P

    this must be said:
    you're work is really cool! I love it.
    keep it up!


  7. Actually, I'm just going to come out and say it: Winnie is getting on my nerves. Even when he's doing cute stuff on the front of a wee one's tee shirt.

    (do I need to change the locks on my doors now?)


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