Friday, October 30, 2009

back again.


ometimes life is unfair. I don't know why I am surprised by this... but I often am. Sometimes bad things happen to beautiful people and it just shocks me. In my work I see trauma or the consequences of it on a daily basis , I am told things that, at times, make me want to scream with rage... but when bad things happen to people I know it really shakes me. Then I am shocked by my reaction. But why do we assume that life will be fair? I know for me I am the eternal optimist. The glass is always half full... maybe that's why I am shocked when things don't turn out to have a happy ending.

I love a happy ending. I love it when everything is neat and tidy. I hate it when its not... but is it ever?

Anyway, jeez sorry to get all gloomy folks. On a brighter note... its Chefs birthday next week. He is going quad bike riding with a mate and a fishing trip with the boys on the weekend. How can I top that??? Any ideas??? what is the best present you have bought a bloke??!!!

(Thank you to everyone who emailed and sent lovely messages telling me to look after myself, it was very much appreciated and I probably did need the reminder....)


  1. Sorry your having some rough times. I hate it what that sort of thing happens, but it does make the sweet times sweeter. Chin up.

    As for "bloke gifts", best gift I ever gave my man was a surprise trip to a college basketball game - but that was a long time ago, and pre-kiddos. Now it's all wallets and slippers. Thank goodness he loves me in spite of it;D

  2. hope things get better in chunkychooky land real soon.
    hmmmm, men & gifts, mine is pretty difficult to shop for, he always says he doesn't need anything but always loves a good power tool I guess, or anything for his bike. sorry i'm of no help, i guess something to do with his favourite things, a great cookbook is always a hit, last time i think we got him food of morocco, he loved it.
    goodluck ♥

  3. Life is very unfair and you know what? The bad people get ahead. I don't know why, but us good people get pushed to the back and the crap happens to us. I try so hard to support my two kids on my own, but I just get screwed over half the time.

    Things get better. I hope!

  4. Glad to have you back.

    Can't help on the man presents I'm afraid.

  5. sorry that something has happened in your world and lots of light shines down on you soon. As for pressies, best one for my husband after 15 years has been the box set of The Wire - many a happy hour from that and even I loved it! other than that, almost everything else I ever buy meets with a very lukewarm, half-hearted reaction but it's not my fault his birthday is so close to Christmas - makes it a double struggle!

  6. Right. Don't s'pose you have a local course that teaches a guy how to make his own backyard pizza oven? Heaven help me, but apparently that is the BEST present EVER.

    Lovely to see you back ol' chook. I hope things find some sort of resolution. And hang on to that glass is half full thing eh? I reckon in the long run it makes for a life filled with more of the smile stuff.


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!