Sunday, November 29, 2009

giveaway winner iiiiiiisssssssssssssssssss:

woah!!! you have  a giveaway and sure gets the blurkers to out themselves!
For the life of me I could not get that little box at to appear on my blog
this is all I could get to show from

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1

Max: 40

15 True Random Number Generator

Powered by RANDOM.ORG

So that makes the winner  the woman who often makes us drool over her sweet creations- the one, the only Cathie from Melbourne Epicure
Yaaaaay!!!! Cathie- email me with your address!!! something very sweet coming your way....
Don't forget to enter next Friday.


  1. your softies are out of control cute! love 'em. congrats to the winner and hopefully i get in in time for the next draw! : ) xo Meagan.

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
    how absolutely fabulous is that!!!
    thanks Ms Chunkychooky, you are the BEST ♥ yipeeeeeee

  3. lol! I cant work it out either! If you do, let us know ok?
    Congrats to the winner :) xox

  4. OH man, *frown* i didnt realise you had such a lovely pack of softies to giveaway (and my are they lovely!). I would have loved a chance to win one... Poop! I'll be sure to check in much more frequently :(

  5. oh the random generator image thingy. Try this:

    once you have it up on the screen hit the 'PRTSC' (print screen) key up top of your keyboard.

    Open up crapola program 'Paint' is using windows (dont know about Mac tho?)

    Click 'edit' then 'paste' to copy the screen image into Paint.

    Crop image and viola.

    Hope those instructions were clear? x

  6. I can never figure out the random org thing either! I am going to give Tracey's tip a shot too.

    SO fascinated by your toilet. That is a wild story! Can't believe they tried to sell the house with no toilet!

  7. well done cathie from melbourne! enjoy your softie and if mr softie ever wants to get away and holiday in brisbane then he's always got a place to stay at my place.


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