Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We survived.

Well we made it. Busy is now 3. Phew! We haven't broken her.

I tried to make the Birthday a little bit handmade  but she was really wanting pink and fairies so we compromised:
I made her this dolly and a big log like we have on our bed which she always plays with :

 and a family of dogs, because at the moment everything is categorised into mummy, daddy and baby

... and she got a wooden balance bike - you know the ones without pedals- from Grandma-
We have been telling her for a while that when she turns 3 she will be able to see where fairies live:
 Beautiful fairy door via etsy from nothinbutwood-  I cannot recommend  it more- so beautifully made. She cannot open the door because only fairies can open it. ( one of those presents which chef asked who is this really for? )

We had a party yesterday- was great- tiring and stinking hot- we hired a jumping castle from the local toy library - it was a huge hit: ( note my compromise on the pink theme- tablecloth is pink as were  serviattes for the cake)
I made Birthday bunting - not as colourful as Nikkis- but will be used by the whole family for all our birthdays from now on- ( plus I wanted some neutrals in there somewhere!!!)
lovely linen from Amber over here
the fairies all took home little fairy bags with wands, sparklers, bubbles, a necklace and a bangle

BUT my most proudest of moments was the completion of the cake- which I made. Well actually maybe "make" isn't the right word- I "designed and assembled" the cake, Chef made me make the icing myself - I know shocking but true-  ( who knew- well my mum did  and thankgod she was up here to pass on this hot tip- you can buy plain sponge cakes at supermarkets- see you probably all new this... but I didn't) Anyway so here is one Owl cake:

Not bad for a second attempt. (In year 6 at school I came first in a cake decorating contest- I remember  because I think its the only time I have ever won anything! ) Clearly I was able to bring back those skills from yesteryear.

It was a great day and Busy and the fairies had a ball.
 And thankyou to everyone who sent birthday wishes to her. xx


  1. what a gorgeous day you all had! beautiful decorations, pressies, family and of course that stunning cake! fab work Ms Chunkychooky, fabulous work.

  2. Fantastic title and first paragraph. Well done to you two!

    What a wonderful handmade birthday Cath. You compromised well. Everything you made is perfect, including the banner. How funny that at Busy's age, families are so simple!

    And that cake... a masterpiece. Worthy of being proud. How cool are those biscuit eyes!

    And thanks for the link for the fairy door.

  3. Wishing Busy a happy year being 3!

    The cake is amazing and yes...I think the kids need one of those fairy doors too!

  4. What an ace birthday - it looks like everything a 3 year old would love. Your cake looks fantastic! And just quietly, I am wondering how to justify a fairy door for a 3 or 4 year old boy (perhaps I should just ask for one for my birthday!)

  5. Brilliant cake!!! ...actually everything looks brilliant - party bags, activities, bunting, hand made gifts... everything. What a special day you put together for your very special daughter. Wonderful.

  6. Wow, everything looks fabulous! Glad she had a great day :)

  7. Everything looks just SO GREAT!

    What an amazing birthday... I'm glad everyone made it to '3' without too much worry. ;)

    How great are balance bikes?! Le Punk has had one for a little while now, although I don't think she is supposed to have one... 2.5 the bike guy said, but she is tall... I digress... you should see her hoon around on it, feet up in the air! She will absoloutely not need training wheels when it comes time for the big bike with pedals.

    I love the handmade touches that made this birthday SPECIAL, and I luff the fairy door too, whoever it may be for... ;)

  8. a lot of work and a lot of love went into this 3rd birthday and is shows! Inspirational stuff, Loved the bunting, the cake and the fairy door, thanks for the link, Here's to many more successful parties to come.

  9. My goodness! Well done! And I want to steal that family of dogs just for me - they are gorgeous.

  10. It looks so beautiful Cath, good work!! I am so in love with that fairy door, you have no idea. Just give me an excuse.

  11. So wonderful Cath - the family of doggies!!!!! Aw! (am jealous of Busy!)

  12. i simply adore the fairy wands/bags!!
    that would have made my year as a little girl. and the fairy door! so gorgeous.

    great pics too! do you have any tips? my pics never look like that

  13. Happy Birthday, how much fun did that look!! Loved the font on the linen banner, really perfect for young & grown up parties. Great cake, how did you keep it from melting?? Mini cool room on site?? Love Posie

  14. Looks and sounds like the perfect celebration for a three year old fairy princess. Happy birthdau to her and well done you for surviving and for not breaking her. X

  15. Oh, well done Mum (and Dad). Looks a fab way to turn three!

    Oh and my Small received a balance bike for Christmas. Oh My Giddy Aunt does she go...(right before smashing into an older sibling...niiice).

  16. Any chances that you want to take me into your family because if that is the quality of birthday stuff then I want to get in on the action. It is all so beatiful and there are not words to explain how much I love the door

  17. What a wonderful birthday party. I think I want my 40th, later this year to be exactly the same, right down to the door, the jumping castle, the cake, the bunting, the puppies and the doll. Maybe not the bike!

  18. I am in love with the owl cake! LOVE IT, i think i'll have to make one!

  19. Happy Birthday to Busy. Love the cake. Very cool.

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  21. what a darling cake!
    how's the balance bike going? Considering one for Mr. soon to be 4 year old next month.
    love the little ponies, btw.

    xx Amy


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