Wednesday, June 23, 2010

house of wonky sewing

This morning when I was driving Busy to daycare we had stopped an an intersection and outside her window there was a little girl on a bike with a basket on the front and a doll sitting in it. I could hear Busys cogs turning....  I said to her so "Do you want mummy to make you one of those?"her reply  "Yes please mummy" ( allow me to explain her respone: the child whose behaviour of late has been seriously monstrous and great contraception had had a serious talking too not 5 minutes before and was told she MIGHT get her new- pink-with-pedals-bike back before her 18th Birthday is she began complying with parental wants and this included rather than arguing over everything to just sometimes say "ok mummy" or "yes mummy"....) So, having seen this great tutorial over at Sallys place  and also loving this new to me concept of  OFMK, ( Only For My Kid) sewing (a phrase coined by this clever lady which I first heard about here ) I  gave it a whirl today, thought I would challenge myself by trying to make a round basket ... with mixed results... its great for what it is: OFMK.
The little beast better like it:


  1. Ooooh I loved that when I saw it Sally's place too! I wonder if the nephews would allow me to pimp their bmx's?
    I'm sure your lovely little beast will love it! Yah for the WONK!

  2. If she doesn't like it, tell her there's a grown up girl in Melbourne who would gladly give it a home (if I can pry it away from my small girly one).
    It's gorgeous!!!!

  3. Oh that is so pretty!!! I love it so so so much.
    My obnoxious three year old told me in a very rude tone of voice that he didn't like a pair of pants that I had made him... so they're now on their way to an orphanage in Africa - much to his dismay!
    (I was already sending another pair to Gypsy but hey - two will be better than one)

  4. She's got the cutest basket on the block and maybe even in town. I think the OFMK type attitude will make better sewrs because it helps you to have a go more often which has to be good. Cherrie

  5. Clever little chook. She wangled her bike back – AND it’s kitted out in the snazziest basket whatsit around town!

  6. Thats a great basket, nobody will be seeing any wonk when Busy is zooming by. Good to hear that dreadful non compliant behaviour is par for the course for the age of three - you just described my life right now! :)


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