Wednesday, October 20, 2010

winner announced

Chef has decided on a winner... as soon as I saw this entry I knew he would choose it but I said nothing, in the interest of fairness I was on the other side of the room- stitching - when he chose the winner and here it is:
Almost a cliche, but still...

in a real pot - proper black tea, warmed pot, hot hot water, turn the pot after a rest to settle the leaves, pour, just as the scones come out of the oven, warm sunshine but cool enough to really want your tea scalding and your scones piping hot. Home made blackberry jam, over melting butter, dollops of raw cream, slurping tea, sticky fingers, oh, another scone, this time homemade apricot jam, ooh, good, slurp, oh but the tea is gone, another cup, still hot - quick quick...

Aaah. collapse somewhere totally sated and consider making a new pot when the need for it overtakes the need to lie down and consider the merits of another scone...

He is a tea purist, you were crossed out completely if you used the word chai or soy. Sorry. But thanks again for entering and there may very well be another Bosco bear giveaway coming soon....


  1. Oh man... now I have a scone craving. I have the jam and the double cream but nooooooooo scones!

  2. So Chef wasn't impressed by my naked Butler then?

  3. oh I am so excited and STILL want scones and tea! Thanks so much. umatji at yahoo dot com dot au

  4. oh and thanks chef - if you were round the corner I would make a batch and a pot just for you!

  5. love my tea that way...don't mind the cliche if i do!
    but i never turn the pot..i lift the lid and stir a bit, is that bad?
    proper tea faux pas?


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