Saturday, February 05, 2011

Giveaway!! Clean and Green.

Sometimes I get asked to review items on this blog that are obviously from companies who never actually read my blog, because it is unlikely that I would want to review/ giveaway tacky jewellery made cheaply in countries with not a great reputation for Workers Rights.
So when I was contacted to review/ giveaway  Laundry powder my first thought Obviously I changed my mind when I read more about this product. It is very environmentally friendly.

So when I first opened it my first thought was why is it in a re-sealable plastic bag inside the box? I don't think this is necessary but it is apparently to help stop it being damaged by water during shipping and lock freshness in.

Secondly they included the scoop. Chef and I argued about the scoop. He likes the scoop in the pack. I like no scoop. The one we currently use comes without a scoop and we use a tablespoon. We reuse the tablespoon with every packet.

So anyway what you really want to know is does it wash clothes? Yes, it really does. And it leaves a nice Eucalyptus smell. Very pleasant I think.

here is the deal, it is:
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable & grey-water safe ( very very low in Phosphates "it contains such a minimal amount of phosphorous as to have negligible impact on our waterways, the small amount it does contain is there to help ensure the product is effective to emulsify dirt and grime." -that's what they said when I asked them.
  • Low foam for use in front or top loaders, hot or cold water
  • Contains 100% pure natural Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil
  • Australian made & owned
AND I have SIX boxes to giveaway - open to Australian residents only- sorry.
To enter tell me one way you are kind to the earth.
Entries close 11th February at  7pm
If you are entering and don't have a blog please put your email address at the end of your comment.


  1. I reuse before I recycle where ever possible and these days I just try really hard not to consume!

    Hey - I love the picture of the bird on the packaging - very Australian. And for the record I am no scoop.

    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  2. Ah, yes, those darn scoops. I currently have about 100 in my laundry cupboard waiting for that call from Freecycle or school or the like desperate for a huge number of wasing powder scoops :P We recycle and freecycle as much as we can. It is nice knowing that something that we have finished with or outgrown is getting a new lease of life in someone else's home.

  3. You make all the cool friends you do Mrs Chooky.

    Our family run an organic fruit/veg/egg farm. Every action we take on our farm we take with Mother nature and the earth and the generations to come in our hearts and minds.

  4. Hello Cath!
    I would really like to try this wonder powder you speak of... I like my clothes to have a teeny weeny bit of scent on them, I however refuse to toxify the earth in doing so. We use the "earthy" powder from the shop, but they don't have any scent!
    I too am an Organic Farmer! We produce Organic Milk and Grass fed eggs from our Certified Biodynamic Farm. Mrs. Foxes Lane and I are good like that!
    Happy days to you.

  5. Sounds wonderful! Phosphate free is important for my fabrics.

    I try as hard as I can to be environmentally friendly (which can be difficult in a single person household).
    I have a front loader. I only wash clothes every fortnight when I have to make full loads. I had a double dishdrawer dishwasher installed and I only use the top drawer and fill it up before turning it on. I use less than the targeted 155 litres of water a day.
    I've had ceiling fans installed in every room so that I don't need to use my air-con.
    I've had skylights installed in my craft space and en-suite so that I don't need to turn on any lights.

  6. Interesting reading your comments. We run our farm biodynamically too, we grow fruit trees to sell in the hope that lots of people will establish edible gardens (which will mean good fruit, less food being transported, less packaging and all that). We grow lots of fruit and veg, our pigs eat any garden waste and are lucky enough to drink biodynamic milk (the dregs so to speak), we don't have anything that uses 'standby' power, no electric clocks...and my husband saves water by not showering very often- but he mightn't like me telling you that!

  7. We grow and preserve most of our own vegies, grow from saved seed, recycle our household water through an irrigation system, walk to school and kinder every day, we put petrol in the car about every 6 weeks because we walk or ride, have a great compost system and have grown lots of deciduous trees to keep the house cool.
    I actually make my own washing detergent, to deal with one of the boys sensitive skin - that does a great job too - I scent it with eucolyptus or lemon essential oil :)

  8. Dear Cath

    I am happy to see your cheery self has returned! What lovely sounding washing powder, but as you might recall I am in England so I am just writing to say hello (again) and not to enter the giveaway. Re: your scoop issue, I presume you mean plastic scoops? If you get a moment, look up Ecover (a European brand of eco detergents for clothes, dishes etc), they have a cardboard!! scoop which is brilliant, like a small origami thingy that you have to erect yourself, shall I post you one? I htink we have a spare in the laundry... Love Sarah

  9. We are trying to "green" our lives (recycling, composting, water efficiency, energy efficicny...) but I haven't found an eco detergent that we like, so I would love to give this one a try.

    ~ Laura (Moags)

  10. This looks like a fabulous product, especially the eucalyptus. Clothes smell so fresh and clean when they smell of the bush.

    I do my best to reduce my impact upon our Earth. I compost, grow veggies, herbs and some fruit too. Even though I live in surburbia, I never let green waste leave the property, I try to return it back to the earty.

    I have enjoyed reading the comments on here and totally agree with your feelings on the little scoops. They are great, but you can only use so many of them!

  11. Being in NZ I can't enter either but wanted to put my two cents in on scoops. I used to alternate between two brands of eco-friendly powder - one has a cardboard fold up scoop and one a plastic scoop. Dilemma: I liked the cardboard scoop, but I liked the powder with the plastic scoop better. Solved: found out I could buy the plastic scoop powder in bulk, direct, and the bulk has no scoop! Yay - no more millions of plastic scoops in my laundry!

  12. We recycle just about everything, I think we only have about one plastic bag of actual rubbish each week. The dogs come in handy LOL

  13. Oh my gosh! I use this product always! My boys suffer eczema related to their allergies to dust mites. They have sensitive skin, and Bosistos has the BEST products! I use the Bosisto's eucalyptus oil for cleaning EVERYTHING from marks on walls, tough greasy residues in the kitchen, mopping floors, etc etc, and the Bosistos dust mite wash for our bedding, and I make up tea-tree spray with water for cleaning and preventing mould (seemed to come in very handy this summer with all the wet). I don't want to enter thanks, I am already a Bosisto's fathful haha! But I love the kindness to earth idea... my biggest contribution would be trying hard to set an example for my 3 kids, we recycle, do our best with our vegie garden, have a worm farm to put our green waste back into our gardens as nutritious worm castings, and we take our rubbish home when we are out and about.

  14. This is not an entry in your giveaway - I just wanted to weigh in and say that this is good stuff. It's cheaper than many 'eco' brands and it does a good job. I like the brand too - we use their eucalyptus oil (in tandem with bicarb and/or vinegar as required) instead of floor cleaner and toilet cleaner.

    I didn't realise it was good for frontloaders, so I've been using Eco Store frontloader powder lately, but I might give this a shot again once the new little person arrives to see how good it is on cloth nappies.

  15. We are kind to the earth in all the usual ways - composting, recycling, 1/2 flush including if its yellow let it mellow if it's brown flush it down!!, making my own washing powder (for three months now- and I do run out occasionally so a box of that powder to have as backup would be awesome), we take our own bags, eat in season and only support ethical businesses, etc. The big difference is we really love and respect her - we speak nicely always about the earth and we encourage our kids to do the same. We are always pointing out her wonder and beauty and living in Nth QLD at the moment it would be easy to whinge and complain but we use floods and cyclone to show how powerful she really is!!

  16. I have to agree with the scoop bit. You get a new one every packet. Such a waste of plastic. And since most powders manage to keep their freshness without the resealable pastic I think that is a waste too. I am so against shop keepers, even op shops and health food shops! who have to be told not to give me plastic bags for one item. Or even ten. I f I am managing to carry the goods in my hand then I think they should ask if I want a bag before presuming. I also ask in classy shops to cut all the extra packaging unless it is a gift. Does a bread board or garlic press really require 4 layers of tissue paper and then two plastic bags?!! I'm also one of those great recyclers of other people's junk. I see potential in all sorts of things although I think it is time to clear a heap of potential out of my life at the moment and concede that I don't need 'more' just because it is free. I also compost most food scrap by throwing them of the back veranday into the understory of the Moreton Bay or use them directly by feeding the dogs. The chihuahua love tomatoes and potato peel. We have solar hot water and never water the garden and generally only wash the car at an auto place. Thankyou for the giveaway too. Your grand. Cherrie


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