Wednesday, March 02, 2011

condoing violence

Here at chunkychooky HQ we dont like to condone violence however extreme dictators call for extreme circumstances. What do we have assassination for??
Can someone just take him out???????? I am happy to chip in a fiver.
Honestly the man is delusional at best psychopathic most definately.


  1. There certaintly doesn't seem to be as much outrage over what this freak is up to as there should be! Fiver here too Mr Assasin Sir.

  2. I couldn't help but laugh when watching him say "my people love me, all of them... it's the al-Quida. My people love me"... no the feared you, and now not even that. Lack of social awareness much?

  3. Not to be flippant, but could said assassin please also take Charlie Sheen while he's at it? That way we'll be free of both the dictator and the dick.

  4. Haha! Still laughing at Aether-art's comment :))
    Yes, Mr G's pretty much a bad egg, and yes, it is definitely time for him to go - he's lost the plot; he lost it years ago and degenerated into exactly the kind of dictator that he sought to depose himself in younger days.

  5. Yeah, he's on my hit list too. Right up there with Mugabe, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (Nestle) and Charlton Heston, (who yes, I know is already dead, but I'd be happy for someone to put a bullet in him to be sure) I'm not one generally to condone violence either, but there is such a thing as the greater good.


  6. I was wondering if you were talking about Charlie Sheen there for a minute.

    Hopefully at the end of it all there will be one less dictator in the world.

  7. That would most definitely come under the heading of a 'just' assassination in the same spirit as a 'just' war!


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