Sunday, April 10, 2011

this weekend I...

....watched the last ballet lesson for the term and giggled with my friend into our sleeves while we watched our 4's.
...was subjected to an  olfactory assault by a mouse that has died in the wall cavity
... went on a date with Chef and gorged ourselves on curry, played pinball, and other games involving riding motorbike and then later a horse game ( see pic below) which still makes me laugh out loud thinking about us riding these ridiculous horses trying desperately to beat  each other.  ( I won)

me on a motor bike- I came last so into it we nearly missed the movie ( we saw Limitless - it was good)
...went to the beach and saw dolphins, drew pictures in the sand and watched Busy, Zac and Chef frolic in the waves

What a great weekend!
AND if you have a chance it would be the most ace thing ever in the world if you could go and vote for gorgeous Cam!!!


  1. It sounds like the best fun ever!
    Except the mouse bit...yuk!
    I love that pic of you on the bike. X

  2. I remember having a go on one of those horse rides many moons ago in my younger days. They're hard work, and they make you feel a little bit silly too hee hee!

  3. Curry and the pictures - sounds devine! I managed a night out with friends on Friday and felt totally revived - reminds me that I should do it more often!!

  4. Getting to spend time in a games arcade without kids? Fabulous.


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