Thursday, July 28, 2011

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I just got a call from my mate LC wondering why I haven't written on my blog for a while. So here I am, back on my blog with a news filled post. We just did a very quick trip to Sydney (500kms away). Busy did not love the car trip as in "are we there yet?' when we were not even on the highway from here ( less than 10kms) she lost it about an hour before we arrived saying 'you told me this was going to be fun and it is not and I am angry and next time I am going to fly in an aeroplane to see grandma' and on and on the abuse went.

We went to visit old friends and their new arrival. This old friend of ours- has met the woman of his dreams and had a baby and everyone is a bit excited, cos we thought he might never get 'round to it. We call him Dork. Apparently he has been Dork since high school. I try not to call him Dork anymore- now that he is a grown up but it is hard when someone has a nickname? Busy calls him Dork. EVERYONE calls him Dork. His partner calls him by his name unless we are around then she finds herself calling him Dork too. He is Dork.

 So when they had a baby of course I knew she would be ADORKABLE so I made some fabric just for her and sewed it into a little blanket. Its a bit wonky, as is my way, but most certainly made with love and one- of- a- kindness. How cute is she? I made the beanie as soon as they told me they were pregnant....I did not make the cardi but I wish I could have!
She is four months old and we all love her so much. She is so smiley and lovely.
When I got home I was met with 10metres + of black organic cotton, several hundred zippers and a huge stack of map fabric ready to be cut and sewn............
It was almost confronting in its enormity.
LUCKILY, lovely Alisa also sent me a package of her beautiful fox cards and some other goodness... have you seen Alisa's blog inkcaravan ?- it is very lovely.

Thank you for making my mail not all "work" related Alisa.
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What have you been making if anything?


  1. good to see you back here!
    I love Alisa's blog, her creativity is absolutely beautiful.

    goodluck with your sewing...I should start baking.. ♥

  2. YAY! Great to see you back.
    Im also a big fan of Alisa's blog. I think her paitings and illustration are so beautiful.
    Love hearing a bit of an update about the Dork ( remember you telling me about him when I was a bit in the dumps about being single)
    seeing his gorgeous new babe and that he stills happy again gives me hope ( how did you know I need that)
    anyway this is turning into a long comment so i best go.
    GOod luck with your sewing lovely
    And I know it would have drove me nuts, but Busy's little car spiel did make me smile - so cute!!! and im sure it wasn't at the time but.....

  3. Had to laugh. Firstly my husband has an old mate he has always called dogguts, and so my kids now know him as this.
    And secondly we have done the sydney to Byron drive on average twice yearly for 9 years now.Have 3 kids with the eldest being 9. So whilst we all are now experienced car travellers, I can still commiserate with you. I've learnt to take as much food as possible - lolly pops and frozen drinks are good time consumers.

  4. Adorkable! Love it. Perfect present methnks.

    I have been AWOL too spending school holidays driving the kids to snow in Tasmania. Lots of knitting. Back home now and meant to start sewing again. A couple of presents and some dresses for me for summer I hope.

  5. sounding super hectic at yours. and such a big pile of sewing.
    love your presents for this cute bub :)

    ps. i agree re alisa's blog and work ~ beautiful!

  6. What a brilliant gift for an old mate's new baby! Loving his nickname tho!! (haven't used that word since school)xx

  7. Great to see you return, Cath. Oh, and in case you missed it, there's a feature on you at - good for you! J x

  8. How gorgeous is she!! And at that lovely coo-ing baby babble stage I'm guessing… awww : )
    What a fab gift, one that keeps giving smiles. Perfect.

    You are such a sweetie Cath! I'm so thrilled you liked my little parcel and it took your mind off all that sewing, if only for a minute. Yummy fabric stack : )
    xx Alisa

  9. I am truly adoring that adorable baby and her adorkable blanket..loving those sweet cards too!

  10. I laughed at the adorkable fabric. Love it!

  11. Everything you said disapeared the minute I saw that fox.
    I apologise.

  12. que blog mas bonito tienes y que divertido, si tienes un rato te invio a visitar el mio
    un saludo desde Spain

  13. What an adorable bubba! Great photos too :)
    I got all excited when I saw your bounty of fabrics - sorry ;) They look gorgeous. Hope you have time to make your way through them at your own pace, Cath. Love Alisa's blog and her foxes are just the best... still miffed I missed out on her fox brooch ;) Hope it's a great weekend for you guys :) Kx

  14. Hey, you went AWOL about the same time I did. Feels like AGES! Adorkable says it all. In the very loveliest of ways.

  15. She is Adorkable - and the beanie is cute too:)

  16. Oh.... I am not a proud aunty. No, I am not. Thanks for sharing pictures of that gorgeous girl.

    I am Dork's SIL. We call him Uncle Gunk.

    We actually received a few items you made. We received tons of compliments on them.

  17. sweet little dork
    lovely all over

    the drive.... aaaaargh!

  18. Road trips and kids, a volatile mix. I love the fabric and the blankie, perfect!

    All the best with the cutting and the sewing. One piece at a time and deep breaths!

  19. He really is just sooooo adorkable, isn't it?

    And don't you just love childhood nicknames that stick? Such fun.

    But not roadtrips with kids... not fun! x

  20. Loving the beanie. Loving the fabric. Loving your way.

  21. Dork makes cute bubbas.
    And YOU my friend, make amazing stacks of fabric!!!


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