Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rev. Fred Nile

George W

John Howard

Shane Warne

Bob Katter

All these men are products of heterosexual marriages. 
Sign the petition to support Gay Marriage now! 


  1. Love the post! Already signed and spread the word on facebook. Here's to being heard! :)

  2. That's quite some conclusive argument you present there...

  3. That is one compelling argument you have there, Cath ;)

  4. ingenious logic.

  5. i just love this too bits, i've been popping by so many times today coz it makes me laugh so hard.
    I think even the most conservative would have to be convinced.
    PS it's also a wonderful way of actually making strong argument. This issue is one I'm VERY passionate about.

  6. You put forward a pretty water-tight case there, Cath.

  7. yep, pretty convincing! (wrote my MP a little personalised email about this... wonder if she read it?)

  8. Hysterical! I defy anyone not to sign up after seeing that lot!

    I rallied with my son at Sydney's Town Hall. It was a blast. I took him because he said he wanted to go to a high school "with boys AND girls or I'll never meet anyone to marry"... he's seven... but we do these things, right? x

  9. are you sure Bob didn't come from the union of a human and a cow? anyways, i actually like two things about Bob. he seems to actually say what he means to, unlike many pollies, AND he really does represent his constituents... shame we ain't all cowboys from NW queensland cause we s ure get to hear about them!


    And super thanks for 'her oean'. it is being secreted for a birhday but peeked at it. thanks LOVE...


  10. haha!!! FABULOUS post! I'd already signed up a couple of days ago because I get the GetUp emails too, but this is just wonderful... wish I could sign twice but there's no way I want to jeopardize the validity of this petition. Kx

  11. Funny and sad at the same time. As the mother of a gay child I'm with you all the way :)

  12. You're frightening me to my very core here... humpf signing the petition... I'm out the door to find myself a female lover!!!


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