Thursday, February 02, 2012


I have had this new cushion in the works for a little while but I thought today was probably the day to tell you about it. Today is Busy's first day of school. I dropped her off this morning and felt those mother pains you get in your heart.  As I was leaving the classroom I was unable to speak to the teacher  as I knew I would cry. I can proudly declare I did not cry in front of Busy- but once we were away from the classroom I bawled, in fact truth be told I am crying now looking at that picture below. I have had some lovely lovely text messages/ tweets  today from friends near and far.  Thank you- you know who you are. 

So obviously I have spent a lot of time today thinking about being a mother and what that means.  I wanted to acknowledge being a mother as not just something a woman does after she has given birth. I suppose I have chosen to look at mothering like this  because I am adopted and have always felt I only have one mother. The one who loved me every day, and still does, the one that was there every day when I got home from school. The one who wiped my tears and read me stories in bed at night.

  So I decided to celebrate what it is to mother. There are probably many more words and I had lots of lists but this is what I finally decided on. 

I also had some help from bloggy friends with this one , I cannot remember who helped or who I asked but I remember getting a few replies from my call out so for those of you who did offer some words THANK YOU and I am so sorry if I haven't said thank you personally! 

What do you think?
In the shop here as usual

 Thank you to the two people who pointed out the missing comma, I have looked at this a hundred times and not noticed it! Annoying!! 
So these ones are not for sale however there will be some soon WITH COMMAS!!!


  1. Lovely sentiment, lovely work. Lovely cushion...! C5 x

  2. I sent you some telepathic goodwill this morning as I was getting my own horde out the door. I reckon you nailed it with that cushion.

  3. The cushion is uber-fab, but that kiddo is more so. Hope her first day (and yours!) was wonderful...

  4. Oh. I have a tear in my eye for you.... Ugh!! I took bubba to his very first playgroup on Tuesday ... I had to turn my head from all the other mums & babies... cos I had an overload of tears in my eyes.
    I mean, I want him to grow up as you do with Busy, but do that have to do it so fast, surely we could extend it out a little longer?

    And yes, I LOVE the cushion, love it!

  5. Such a big moment isn't it? Was Busy excited? Oh I wonder how her day has gone.
    E.'s first day was yesterday ... but it is a bit different because he was on campus with the same teachers last year for two days a week. We're completely not organised though... it has just occurred to me that I'll need more shorts and shirts and I need to be better organised with lunches too... so much to think about with this mothering gig hey?
    Love the cushion.

  6. Beautiful girl and beautiful cushion. I can think of one more word to add - "worry".

  7. How was the first day for both of you? Busy looks so happy and gorgeous!
    I love this cushion, and it is making me think too... it reminds me of conversations I had with 2 lovely clients - both were mums of adult daughters with small children, both had strokes, and both were unable to do the things they normally did to help their daughters (babysitting, school pickups etc), both feeling they weren't "good mums" anymore. I tried to tell them how mothering is emotional nurturing and supporting most of all and that the practical stuff is an added extra, not the most important bit (and I tried not to cry as I told them this). Your cushion sums it up beautifully xoxo (hope you have a special lovely night tonight)

  8. One of your best cushions, I reckon.

    Busy looks so grown up. That tugs so hard at the heart strings. I am waiting for my last to start school mid-year. She is ready for it and I am redy for her to go. But that wont stop me crying quietly for a little while...

  9. You are adopted?????
    How come I didn't know that?
    Love the little school girl.
    Love her.
    And that cushion is perfect.
    Put them back in your shop with a few bucks off.
    Who cares? (except my Mum )

  10. Fantastic! They are lovely (even without the comma). And first days a big - I cried last year for most of the day. X

  11. Just gorgeous Cath :) I cried first day of school for both of mine AND the first time they both went away on school camp too (that was a big bawly one!)
    Every year when my girls start back at school I spend the first day(s) wandering around the house feeling lost and unable to settle on anything... even this year too and my big girl is starting year 10! You've done a wonderful job with the cushions... we are "comfort guides" too you know ;) Kx

  12. you know that i know what you are feeling. i cried after i dropped my daughter at school this morning. i cried hard, because my little one was growing up... and also because my mum died less than a month ago, and i so desperately wanted to share this day with her as well...
    your cushions are beautiful, and so true. take care cath xxx

  13. Busy looks very proud of herself. A confidence born of good mothering no doubt :)
    I am not looking forward to my smallest starting school this October. I think I will cry. But you're right, the mothering goes on, in all those ways described in your well-chosen words. Always.

  14. What a big day for you Cath and Busy. Bravo to both you and her for getting through it ( she's so gorgeous all schooled up)
    I think the cushion nails it. i agree about your thoughts on motherhood and what is means to be a mother.
    and for the record, i didn't even notice about the commas and I think a lot of people won't . I think Kate's right, who cares when the sentiment and heart is so beautiful

  15. Aw Cath, It was Asha's first day today and she left me for dead!! Gave me a big smack-a-roonie kiss and she was off. Six months down the track, she'll want to take a day off just to be with her mumma...I'm sure she will....I HOPE!! xx

  16. oh mamma Chooky, how has your school week been.
    hope the tears have stopped, but you know what, mine is in grade 1 and sometimes I still want to shed a tear.
    love the cushion, who cares about the comma, I had difficulty spotting it.
    thanks for sharing you mamma story & letting us know a little bit more about you ♥

  17. Sounds like it went really well, tears are such an important bitter sweet part of it. Doesn't she look gorgeous in her uniform. : ) My littlest started too - it's the too big uniform, bag and the big bright eyes that got me this time, just as they did last time. Makes me feel so incredibly lucky to be a Mum. I think your cushion says it all. xx

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