Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Deer and Owl

Is the woodland trend over yet? Did I miss it? 
I don't think so. I think these are so lovely and I am thrilled with how well they turned out. 

The sweet deer is here

 and the wise owl is here

Can you guess what animal is next? 
Come back tomorrow if you can as I will be writing a blog post about my most asked question. 
Any other mothers out there who cannot get the giggle and hoot theme song out of their head!! I often find myself humming it. 


  1. OHMYGODYOUAREAGENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Um yeah so I didn't just have the Giggle and Hoot theme song in my head, but now I do. :P
    Great pillows but I might feel kinda nervous leaning on that owl!

  3. Loving the shine on the owls eyes!

  4. They are magnificent! I love them.

    (But I hate blogger atm. Maybe I will be able to leave this comment...)


  5. Does your Brain never rest ? You rock my cushiony world .

  6. the deer just breaks my heart ( in a good way)
    nope no idea what's next ( bear bear please be bear)
    i'll leave that to the clever peeps.
    PS and continue to chant bear ! bear!

  7. And now we have HootaBella the owl too!

  8. And now we have HootaBella the owl too!

  9. gosh I love these! is the next one a squirrel? I often find myself humming kids songs at work too ... xo

  10. Ha, birds of a feather so they say. These look fantastic - and yes yes yes I know what might be next. ; )


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