Monday, March 09, 2009

off to handmadehelp...

I have finally gathered all the bits and pieces from here and there to send down to Meet me at Mikes, for Handmade help for the Victoria Bushfine Victims. My friends mum knitted some lovely little things to add to the collection. Thanks Marie!

This toy is one of the first monsters I ever made so he is very special to me - but I can't keep them all plus I know he will being going to someone really special. I had to distract Busy at the Post Office with some crocodile stickers I had in my bag ( I know! how did motherhood sneak up on me like this??!) as she was already cranky at watching another toy ( a custom order for the lovely Toni ) go into a big envelope , of course she busted me anyway so there was lots of hugs and kisses and bye byes to the monster. Phew!
If you haven't already done so - make something and send it off. It feels so good to give...aaahhhh...

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