Friday, April 17, 2009

words and pictures

Here is my bit for this weeks Words and Pictures with the theme collecting hosted by Pip- who you are all very familiar with.

Anyway- this got me thinking- what do I collect?... not anything really that I can put on a shelf.... but I do like to collect friendships for one, if you could call it collecting...(which for the sake of this post we will) I am of the opinion that you can never have too many.

I love meeting new people, I love hearing their stories and learning their quirks and I do like to make the effort to stay in touch with people. I once heard someone say you should make time with friends not kill time with friends and I really believe that. Each friendship is precious and unique. Sure, some don't last forever but thats ok. They come and go but I can never understand people who say "I have enough friends I don't need anymore. " I say - the more the merrier! All friendships are importnat to me but they are all very different:

Like the ones you have had for years and years and you have had loads of funny and scary and risky and silly and cringworthy things happen with each other. They know all your exboyfriends and bad haircuts and they can laugh about them with you. You have cried with them (over the bad boyfriends/ bad haircuts) and they with may not have as much as you use to in common but you know you could call them in the middle of the night if you need to and they would come.

Or the type of mates that share a love of a bit of craftiness and tea drinking...who are encouraging and supportive and interested in your creating and making - as you are of what they do. They are also the ones that inspire you to continue...

Or the ones who you can sit with and drool over homewares magazines for hours gushing and sighing.

Or the ones who have children the same age as you and you get together to compare notes and let the kids rumble and giggle and accidently hurt each other and not share toys etc...and you laugh together at their cuteness and how you couldn't imagine life without them... ( or moan to when you are NOT COPING)

Or the mates you met at work , that you may not have met otherwise, and you can't imagine going to work without them there. Who make it all bearable when you have a hard day and they let you vent or they giggle with you when you should be working or they go for great walks through the mud and paddocks at lunchtime and they aren't embarrased that you look like Seinfeld in skinny leg black jeans and white trainers.

Or they answer the phone when its your turn...

Or the ones ( and this pretty much covers 95% of ours) you get together with who enjoy and appreciate very fine food, and eating it and the effort required to make it.

And really where would be without our mates? Lost? Lonely? Sad? call one today!!!

I also collect quotations and I am "one of those people" who carries a little black spiral bound notebook and writes funny things down and draws little sketches.
I don't know who said it as Chef wrote it in my book ( very messily I might add) and it didn't say the author :

"there is no love more sincere as the love of food"
I'll drink to that! now, what 's for lunch......................


  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful and varied collection :) I can totally relate, I have different friends who reflect different facets of me. Some friends who probably don't care at all for my creative bent, but we used to blab about boys together! And then there's the creative ones who understand why pretty things are important, and then there's the hippies who understand why not eating animals is important, and then the corporate friends who realise wearing shoes is important... and so on! All my friends are very important to me :)

  2. You are so right! Friends come in all sorts of flavours, don't they?! I think it's nice to know that it's okay to have different friends for different things - although they often cross over a bit (which I like!). I like the images you posted too!

  3. i think its great to have friends that you can do different things with...none of my real life friends craft so its great to meet crafty bloggers that are super creative and very inspiring!
    i dig quotes too - i get a new one on my computer at work each day - an uplifting start to the day!

  4. Oh yes, a friend for all occasions! The photo of all the boys lined up reminds me of a scene from my holidays to Thailand where a whole bunch of kids were playing in the water and having an absolute hoot! Who knew you could have so much fun with seaweed?

  5. Yes to collecting friends! When I think abt my friends they are a motley crew - all sorts of connections and different interests - but that's what I love abt them.

    Oh, I'm "one of those people" too - always jotting and sketching.


  6. What a fabulous post. So wonderfully expressed.

    I'm another "one of those people"


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