Saturday, May 09, 2009

8 things

I just got tagged by Ninon and its a good one:

8 things I am looking forward too:
1. mothers day loot!
2. my mum arriving to stay for a few days
3. lots of mates having babies- all due in July
4. going for a run through the forest with my beautiful dog when Chef gets home in a couple of hours
5. dinner- not sure what it will be yet but bound to be nice
6. doing my first ever toy drop in the next few days
7. making "gwam-mas" mothers day present when Busy wakes up
8. one day having a new computer

8 things I did yesterday
1. went to work for half day
2. tolerated a passive aggressive admin person
3. continued commitment to voice compliments more often ( rather than just think in my head I really like that scarf/haircut/ handbag/ you just helped me)
4. ate apple crumble- delicious
5. felt guilty about apple crumble eating
6. continued to rise above someone elses' jealously and tomfoolery.
7. sang many many nursery rhymes in the bath with Busy- relishing her cute nakedness
8. Gigglefest in bed with Busy and Chef before he went to work.

8 things I wish I could do
1. run further faster
2. eat more cake and not feel guilty
3. be more patient
4. sell more things on Etsy
5. go on safari in Africa and stay in that place where the giraffes come up to the windows (one day)
6. draw really well
7. eat my way around Italy with Chef and Busy of course
8. have more time for fun family stuff because I just won enough money to pay our mortgage so I don't have to work as often and I have more time to sew

8 TV shows I watch
1. Master chef- our addiction to reality TV is painfully embarrassing
2. Food safari
3. Grand designs (MY FAVOURITE SHOW)
4. Playschool ( such good kids crafty ideas)
that's all really...
5. Four corners
6. Australian story
7. the cook and the chef

8 people I am tagging

1. Reread
2. incalesco
3. giggleberry
4. pocket carnival
5. janallsop
6. curlypops
7. flickettysplits
8. vanillapixie
I know I am suppose to go around and tell you all you have been tagged but lets not apply any pressure- if you want to do it you can.... how does that sound???... you may have other things you want to do................


  1. thank you! it was reading yours, "gigglefest" souns so much FUN!!!

  2. great '8' Cath, just did mine too.

  3. OMG!!! Grand designs is my favourite show and the chick who runs vanilla pixie went to high school with me-in my year-small world! Love your blog Cath BTW-Tracey aka Wamphyri :)


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