Thursday, May 14, 2009

Words and pictures-Remember?

The theme for this weeks Words and Pictures is remember... I was reminded of a horrible memory yesterday- a big fashion trend that I cannot believe is back, apparently in major cities with a vengeance (according to Flossy-P who is recently back from the big smoke as you may well know, who I met for coffee yesterday who surprised with some very special fabric off cuts that she was so lovingly -and I use this term with much sincerity-willing to share with me)

You see us rural folk are a fraction behind with the trends - well actually I think its just that less people care to follow them- so I hadn't noticed this horror returning...but yesterday I was in the large regional centre about 35kms from home in a young women's store ( looking for a present ) and I happened to come across a LONG SLEEVE BLACK LACE BODY SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My horror was so huge I actually physically recoiled from it - there was no one else in shop and the lovely woman behind the counter who was about my age ( almost mid 30's) and I had a great laugh and gasp at it. She said she has been selling loads of body suits.... I mean honestly could there be anything less flattering????!!!!! ( this was the best picture I could find- the shop I saw it in won't let me copy the picture- the one I saw had long sleeves and was very high cut)

image from here

Disclaimer: I apologise to anyone who is sitting reading this wearing one , I am sure you look really great and it really suits you!


  1. You have sent me on an adventure! From Meet Me at Mikes's words and pictures-remember and then on from there to all manner of interesting blogs.

  2. I saw some the other day and almost died as well. I could not believe body suits were back! I am also in my 30's.

  3. EEEEK!!! I remember them as being soo uncomfortable, riding up the bum, ouch. And on one shameful occasion I returned from a nightclub toilet only for my friend to point out that while I was strutting my stuff, the bottom of the body suit from hell was flapping round my bum as I hadn't done the poppers up before I pulled up my jeans. Then there were the boys who tried to get into them...they didn't have a clue what was going on down there, thank god. probably protected me from more teen horror stories...

  4. i saw them recently in a shop too, while I was reading I was thinkg about Jump Suits, can you remember those??? LOL!

  5. hehehe, love the disclaimer :)

  6. Really?? This is back?? Jeewhiz, I don't know I'd be caught dead in that!

    Oh I've given you a blog award. Check out my blog for some details. :)

  7. Ewwwww. Bodysuits. I mean, they're not flattering, and they're not functional. And they are just plain creepy. I love that you recoiled. I would too. EW!

    My Mother in law has a bodysuit. I am so very, very curious about it.
    PS - my word verification is smoothog.. Got any piglets running around there?

  8. Yep memories of extreme wedgies ahoy never ever again


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