Thursday, June 04, 2009

new little critters...

I have been doing some sewing of late as I was excited to see I have now reached double figures on Etsy sales. Look out world domination is just around the corner!!!! I thought I should re-stock the shop...and Madeit too... have a look if you like... If you like anything email me and I will do a discount for readers of this blog.

1. Joe available here
2. Angus Appleberry is over here
3. Penelope Perriwinkle is here
4. Rosa-Lee can be found here

Its hard letting go of Joe, I do love him...


  1. congrats on your double digit sales figures! These new critters are super-cute :)

  2. Yes, congrats Cath :)
    That's an achievement on etsy.

    Love the new critters

  3. that is great and how do you ever let any of them go they are too cutes?

  4. congratulations, You have come up with some very cool dudes!


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