Friday, June 19, 2009

poo pants

Yesterday, when I was in a large windowless shopping centre whizzing around doing my bit and pieces, I was in a popular shop for women and again I actually physically recoiled at what I saw. Ski pants. Yes ski pants...maybe also known as stirrup pants depending on where you grew up. Now I was horrified at the return of the bodysuit - but this takes the cake. Could they be more unflattering???? I remember in my youth desperately wanting a pair - but being vertically gifted ( thank you pepperstiches for this term- hehehehehe) I could never find a pair long enough that didn't hang low around the crotch when the stirrups where under my foot. ( I do hate that word- crotch- it sounds so ugly when you say it) was devastating...

Which allows me to segway nicely into the main reason for this post...Quite regularly a trend comes along that I see , in the papers or shops or wherever and I think firstly to myself "as if that will ever take off", then immediately after the fact that you ( as in me) know about it means it already has- because lets face it where I live is not exactly cutting edge in the trend stakes...( shhh some people still wear tye- dye)... My next thought is Chef would hate me to wear them so much. Now, its not to say he really has any say in what I wear, if I ask him "does this look alright?" ( as in- we are going out now and I am on clothes change number 3) he says " you look beautiful babe" - which is very nice yes but is also code for can we just go...when pressed on the matter for example " which do you like better the brown top or the red scarf?" he will say "you look good in everything babe" (yesagainveryniceIhaveagreathusbandetc) but again code for I haven't really paid that much attention to the combinations, followed by "I like the one you are wearing now best"...., followed by a sigh and me changing back to top number 2)... But anyway, back to the many blokes would seriously love it and think you look really good in/ suggest you wear: harem pants. I am sure they look really great on loads of people but I just can't go there...its just so... so... so... MCHammer!

disclaimer number 2: if you are sitting there in your harem pants while reading this I am sure they look really good on you and that you wouldn't have bought them if they didn't! You look great! you really do!!!


  1. Eeeeeewwwww I hated ski pants the first time around. I can't believe they're coming back!

  2. ROTFLMBO.....That was hilarious...Ski pants were so gross. i do remember wearing them, but they were never all that comfy and socks over pants are never a good look. There are some fashions that just should NOT make a come back. I saw some weird pants the other day that were like harem pants...Really baggy tops to the knees and then skinny like leggings to the ankles - and I have seen alot of teenagers wearing these....WHAT THE.....

  3. um..yeah. i wore ski pants when i was like ten...and only because my mother made me. lol

    that they are coming back is the scariest thing i have ever

    funny post, btw ;)

  4. hehehe, In most probably the same shopping centre on Friday I almost took a photo of a harem-pant-jumpsuit for YOU. YEP! ALL-IN-ONE! I knew you'd appreciate it. Sadly I didn't have my camera in my bag. I'll just have to draw you a pic. :D

  5. My sister and I called them poo-droppers; Im sure they are very comfortable and all unlike bubblegum jeans buts ITS TOO soon for them to be in fashion! my mum banned me from wearing them the first time round :-)

  6. I hear ya! I have seen so many harem pants around lately it's freakin' me out. Although, I thought footless leggings looked lame and 80s when they came back a few years ago and now I wear them non-stop so maybe in another year I'll be hammer-timing it too :P


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