Saturday, July 25, 2009

fireworks love

photo from here
We just got back from our little towns annual fireworks display. Its a great, lovely community atmosphere and it always reminds me why I love living in a little town. Busy was pumped to see the "workers" - she had her first glow stick and was ready for action! She loved it ...watching the light reflect on her little face as the fireworks lit up the sky and seeing her eyes just filled with excitement on her Dads shoulders just filled my heart with love for her and reminded me how lucky we are to all have each little family...gawd I am sounding soft.... I defy anyone to not "oooh" and "aaaahhh" when they see fireworks- it always blows me away...what is it about them that makes us feel like children again?


  1. That sounds like something out of a little 'ole movie. I would love to see more of your town (as part of my heart is currently floating over Australia trying to find somwhere to settle and pull me back...maybe just in my dreams though.)

  2. you HAVE to "oooo" and AAAAHhhhh" when watching the me it just comes naturally...
    Thanks for leaving such kind words about my mural I just finished...
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Fireworks look so much nicer when frozen in time. Lovely picture, almost unreal!

  4. What a stunning photo. I live in a small town to and LOVE it!

  5. Great pic of the fireworks.
    What is it about fireworks?
    they are so special, remind me of my childhood.

  6. I love fireworks ans often little towns put on the best displays.


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