Friday, August 28, 2009

ahhh Sydney you make my belly happy

One of the best things about going to Sydney apart from seeing mates and relatives of course is the food.

First stop Honeymoon, New Canterbury Rd, Petersham (also known as the Portuguese area of Sydney-) for the best custard tarts in the world. ( I haven't actually been to Portugal but how could they be any better?!)

(your mouth watering yet??)

I miss these so much as they got me through a 4 year uni degree- assignment finished- reward- trip to Honeymoon.

But the food porn doesn't stop there... next stop AC Butcher in Leichhardt for the only sausages that will ever pass my lips. Now, usually I would turn up my food snob nose at a snag ( lips and a#seholes) but not these...with flavours such as chicken, rocket and feta (chunks of feta people), wagyu beef and sun dried tomatoes, duck, orange zest and pistachio ... they are divine- in fact - anyone who has tasted them will say " these are the best sausages I have ever had!"

( actual sausages not shown but I wanted you to get the feel- this photo from flickr)

And then the a little very unassuming bakery or Ramsey Rd Haberfield for pane de casa and what ever other doughy delights we could fit in the car... best torn and dipped into the best olive oil you can afford

then further up the road to the ritzy looking cake shop for a bit of this and that....
photo from flickr
..........and I wonder why my jeans feel really tight on the way home... trying to blame my mums washing machine for shrinking them...


  1. Ok so now I'm hungry. Loving the food.....

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh, you didn't tell me about the Portuguese tarts!!!!!! They're my absolute favourite!!!!!!

  3. I'm seriously thinking about jumping on a plane to Sydney just to try those tarts now!


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