Friday, August 14, 2009

charged to pay!

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You know what really annoys me??? Unnecessary charges, for- no- good- reason- charges, just- for -the- hell -of -it- because -we -can- charges...fees... whatever you want to call it!

We got a letter the other day from a large phone company telling us that they are going to start charging us $2.20 to pay our bill at the post office. (The post office doesn't get the $2.20 we asked them) or we can pay by credit card and be charged 1% interest of the amount of the bill. Where do they get off??? How can they charge us to pay? how can they be allowed to make you pay to pay??? We would change phone companies if we could but we don't get coverage from anyone else so they have us by the short and curlies ( I do love that term short and curlies- my Dad use to say it all the time as well as " what do you think it is Bushweek?"hehehe )

And this one... I am in a very large shop and I want to lay by an item of clothing- she tells me there is a $7 lay by fee! I try not to loose it! $7 to put the frock in a bag in the storeroom with my name on it!!!!(I know its not the lovely shop assistants fault so I just say that is a scam!!!)

And being charged to get your own money out of an ATM because its not your banks own ATM!!! How could that possibly cost $2??

I could go on and on but you get the drift! Why is it that you can be charged for paying?! It really annoys me! then these compnaies will come out and tell us how they laid off 5000 workers and made a 5 billion dollar profit!!!! ROOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Have a rant! Get it off your chest I know you can think of an example!!!
Phew! I feel better now... a little ... for the momnent anyhow


  1. I am with you on every gripe! Worst of all the layby fee and bill fees hit those that can least afford it. Layby is there to assist those of us that can't pay for something upfront and people that pay their bills at the PO tend to do so cos they either don't have a credit card or can't afford the fees associated with that. Why do our values go out the window just for a bit of profit?

  2. I am so with you on this. I have one to add to this list. My son when he was younger had saved his money in a money box and wanted to change it for some notes. We went to the bank with the tin and they wanted to charged $5 for the job because we did not know how much money was in it. I paid it just because i did not want to make a fuss and spoil his moment. What did they have to do to work out how much he had saved? tip the tin in a sorting machine that took all of 30 seconds. His savings came up to $15.35.

  3. Oh I KNOW! I got that letter too! (and my mum used to always say- what do you think it is, bushweek? too!)
    i especially despise bank fees ($30 service charge for tranferring money online? what?)
    aargh! its good to have a rant! bastards!
    x Pepper

  4. I just opened my letter from the "telephone company" tonight.. I am so over it all!!!!!! Here I am trying not to feel guilty about charging my customers postage and there they are massive multi million dollar corporations thinking of every excuses to charge more!!!! Bastards!!!

  5. Gee I wonder what large telephone company that could be. I am with you on all of those. But get this last year I was in London for my sister in laws wedding, went to Harrods bought wedding present (very good value crystal glasses) thought I will have to get them wrapped, went to wrapping centre, picked my paper and ribbons and they said there is a charge for wrapping (ie EXCLUDING THE PAPER) and I said fine and they said it will be 28 pounds. Ie about SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS and I was so embarrassed and jetlagged I just said oh okay. I still feel sick thinking about it. It took them all of 5 minutes to do and it didn't even look that great.

  6. I'm hearing you!

    Don't even get me started on banks!!! Grrrr

    And I got that same letter, time to start paying to pay! Crazy!

  7. I know, it's never ending. When will all this stop??

  8. Nup. I ain't biting. I am a veritable oasis of calm. (mainly because you just did it all for me and if I START RANTING AT THIS TIME OF NIGHT I'LL GET ALL HET UP AND FIDGETY AND NEED TO KICK SOMETHING AND THEN BREAK MY TOE AND NEVER GET TO SLEEP!).


  9. I agree with you on each gripe too - they are money hungry piglets. Hate it.

  10. It's all so crazy isn't it. The average bill these days seems to be around $500 and there's someone pinching our money left, right and centre!

    You know what's even worse than getting charged to get money out of an even now get charged to check your balance!

    As far as that telephone company costs us more a month to actually have a phone connected than we spend in phone calls.

    Sometimes I think there should just be somewhere you send all your money. 'They' get it all anyway!

  11. I'm hearing you. went to the only ATM bnear work yesterday and was charged $2 to look at my bank balance then other $2 to withdraw. So much for a Community bank!

  12. I hate banks. Hate them, hate them, hate them....did I mention I hate them? Sometimes I daydream about keeping our money in a safe in the ground under the house. I prefer to pay in cash for everything, but in this day and age banks are such a necessary evil.

  13. I agree - and my mother always used to say "What do you think it is Bushweek" too!

  14. What is Bushweek????
    Yes i hate having to pay to pay.....It sounds silly even typing it!!!!'Pay to pay' sounds silly spoken out loud as well!!!!


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