Wednesday, August 12, 2009

monster making

The making of a monster... its all about the eyes- the placement of the pupil and the eyelids really changes the mood of the monster from sleepy... too silly...
He is for a friend at work - she wanted a little monster for a naming ceremony for her cousin. I hope she likes him...and I hope her cousin likes him too...
addition: his name is Mr Marvin Stipe, he sells vacuums door to door in a large regional centre, he is currently single after three failed marriages and is looking for a simple girl, who likes square dancing and playing monopoly...


  1. They really are too cute for words!
    I adore them

  2. Likes him??? If he's anything as wonderful as our Valentino (which I can see that he is) she and the lucky little recipient are going to ADORE him!!!

    What's he called...what does he like??

  3. Course he is Marvin Stipe. Course he likes playing Monopoly (I knew that).

  4. I'm coveting one of these, well JD is! Do you do custom orders....??? Marvin sounds like a nice monster, can't understand why his marriages have failed...whats not to love about monopoly and square dancing... winner combination right there!

  5. Love it! Square dancing monopoly lovers are so rare these days.....fingers crossed for you, Marvin!!

  6. You gotta give the guy points for persistance... 3 failed marriages and he is still on the look out! But I can see why the girls fall for him..!!


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