Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hitchhiker etiquette?

So a while ago Chef was doing the massive painful drive down to Sydney ( about 550kms south). He picked up a couple of young guys with surfboards who he thought might provide him with some amusing anecdotes about the surfing safari they were on. Oh how wrong he was! Chef said they were painfully boring and monosyllabic in their responses, after about 80kms Chef started wondering - what the etiquette is? Can he actually pull over and say - "Alrighty young- uns out you hop you are just too boring I am at risk of falling asleep at the wheel." He decided to pretend he was going to visit a friend in a town about 30km off the highway - thinking that he would never see them again. (a dangerous thought I think since a friend of mine had a nasty road rage incident on the way to a job interview and the person she had given the finger too- thinking well I will never see him again- as they drove past because he was tailgating her . He was on the interview panel ... eeeks! so you never know when the person you are rude to may pop up again- she didn't get the job but who would want to work for someone that was an aggressive tail-gater?) so they got out. And he never did see them again.
But what is the etiquette? What are the rules when picking up hitch hikers?

Because we live in a rural area I see lots of hitchhikers and I tend to pick up the young ones ( figuring at least I know I am not going to attack them) - well at least I did pre- Busy. I haven't really picked anyone up since then because what if they turn out to be mad- how can I protect her? But when I did it absolutely blew me away at the sometimes bizarre requests like, can you just stop at the bank, awww sure ok I just want to get some smokes can you stop at the servo awww sure... can we pick up my friend - listen I am not your mother???!!!

Often I drive past hitchhikers and think to myself if you honestly think anyone is going to ever pick you up you are dreaming.

So I have come up with some guidelines. Feel free to add some more.

1. shower

2. use deodorant

3. brush your teeth

4. don't even ask to smoke in an obvious non smoking car

5. smile when you have your thumb out

6. use manners

7. have a good clear sign

8. don't have your thumb out with your back to the traffic- we need to see your face to ensure you aren't scary.

9. no detours

10. don't leave rubbish in the car.

and most of all don't be a fugitive.
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  1. Oh boy, that sign would scare me! Geeish, I honestly never thought about picking up hitchhikers. Hmm... Single White Female- yea, I have see way too many Lifetime movies!!! lol

    Very cute blog! Stopping by from the Etsy forums.


  2. eeeek one name, Ivan Milat........

  3. I think some kind of 'boring' test could be appropriate. I had the same experience many years ago. Thought I was so brave picking up a couple and they bored me to tears.

  4. I reckon there should be a five minute trial period. Much like a job. Too boring and without Minties? Forget it.

  5. hehe, great post as usual. I think the smiling tip is ace but maybe to prevent boredom there should be a witty line or suggested topic of conversation when car door is opened tip.

  6. Love that sign, I thought it was so funny. Of course if I was driving there I don't think I would probably find it so funny. More like...lock the doors and don't stop for anything!

  7. Holy frick?! Is that really a picture of a spider you took?? Like one you found scuttling around the house??

  8. My dad used to pick up hitchhikers and then tell them about God. Poor things.

    I never pick up hitch hikers. Too worried about getting some loony.


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