Sunday, September 20, 2009

Inaugral sunday sew and sew.

Yesterday was the first official meeting of the stitching group I have organised. I was up at 6am so very excited for people to arrive ( they weren't coming until ten) but I was too excited to sleep!

There is a great tradition of this as you all know- But Kylie has summed it perfectly here and it was after she told me about this meeting that we were truly inspired to get something happening. So I sent an email around and had loads of responses - lots of people couldn't make it but are very keen- so it was our little group of 5 meeting for a stitch, crochet, hand sewing, etc -no sewing machines as we want to be able to easily have a natter. It was at my place- we had the most divine chocolate truffle cake and this was complimented beautifully by a coconut and ginger slice. ( neither of which I can take any credit for) ( I would have taken photos but I would be making your mouth water too much and it would be cruel)

I have progressed from the crossstitch I did a while back and feeling quite brave I decided to teach myself to do embroidery- with my usual how- hard- can- it- be- attitude towards craft. I bought a great book called Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray, looked at several hundred (thousand?) images on feeling stitchy and Flickr and armed with some screen printed heart fabric from Prints Charming myself and my good friend C - who has in her words - never picked up a needle and thread- taught ourselves to stitch!

It was great and I can feel a new obsession brewing. I love how quiet and transportable it is. So the top one is mine ( I will show you when I have finished), then underneath is C's ( first stitching ever- I AM VERY PROUD!!!!) , followed by beautiful crochet queen size blanket by W, lovely sweet little bear made by Kyles and amazing long stitch of a Jacaranda tree by T.

Next meeting 25th October. I can't wait!!! We are thinking we will turn our hearts into those lavender scented things you put in your undies drawer. Do they actually have a name?


  1. Oh Cath, I had so much fun and the trip home had my mind buzzing, that long stitch of T's was fabulous, and I cannot ever imagine myself attempting a project as large as W's, I am in awe, and was thinking how special it will be. Tony and I have a pathcwork quilt made by his mother on our bed, and I know when I make the bed each morning I think of all the work that went into it and the time it took, I hope W's spread will do the same for her :) And watching you teach C was really cool, you are such a kind and talented grrl :) Oh I think those thingys are called lavender scented thingys...laughs! I'll start drying some of ours for next time if you like too? Thanks for such a fun morning, I have finished Alfred the bear, I gave him to my Mum, but I decided bears are supposed to be naked, so no costume for Alfred! I'm thinking of making an alphabet set, one named after each letter of the alphabet...crazy thought really...hhmmm

  2. YOU. GUYS. ARE. GREAT!!!!
    Fantastic! Looks like you had an ace time. It's so much fun making stuff together, hey?! Yay! Good on you for making this happen!!!

  3. looks like a great sewing tribe in the making much fun doing things as a group


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