Thursday, September 17, 2009

wood and chalk.

I love wood and I love chalk board paint and its many uses. Love them both. I could live in wood -world. With soft bits of course. And lots of parts of wood world would have chalkboard paint on them. Imagine an entire house painted in chalkboard paint ...made of wood. I am particularly partial to wooden earrings and wooden jewellery... (any jewellery really)...

Here are some pretty things that I wanted to share...


  1. Hello miss!

    Thanks so very much for featuring my little wooden teapot brooch! It was very kind of you! Also, your blog here is such a delight!

    Holly x

  2. those clouds are super cute - thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey! Love this blog! I too live in a cottage in the forest, on acreage outside of town, but in America! But my dream is to move to Australia! Love your work!

  4. wow! i love these buttons!!!!


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