Friday, October 09, 2009

The adventures of chunkychooky and flossy-p...

A long long time ago - before I even had a blog ( can you imagine??!) and I had just discovered blogs ( prior to this I really hardly ever went on the net) I saw this blog post a call out for friends from a lovely woman called flossy-p who lives about an hour from me. I thought it was a bit of a 'sign' - if you like as it was the first time I had read her blog.

THEN I saw how clever she is... and started getting even more interested ( one of those talent crush things you get where you really love someones art SO much!!) We chatted for ages via email and not surprisingly in this small world we knew someone in common. The lovely Mrs K - who I shared a room with in hospital when we both had our babies- we also shared a lot of food as we both married chefs who were bringing us food in- neither of us could allow our finely developed palates to cope with hospital chunder.... and Mrs K who had recently met a friend of mine Mrs E -as their daughters both rumbled over who was going to go in the car next ( you know the ones where you put $2 in and they move around a bit) Anyway we all met for lunch (yes, I was a little bit nervous, its funny reading Flossy's interpretation of the day now...) and it was fab and now we all meet quite regularly for lunch - and its so lovely and girly... Mrs K just had another baby and Mrs E is about to have one- we try not to completely freak Flossy out with birth stories, (really? thats what happens when your waters break) breastfeeding highs and lows ( they bite?) and tantrums- from- hell stories ( she screamed and rolled in her wee???)...

But tomorrow is the really exciting bit. You see tomorrow we are all off to Flossy-P' and Mr You's s WEDDING. We are all very excited. Busy is so excited has been asking for weeks "is the wedding open yet?" (- I told her it was closed that's we why can't go yet... ) but most of all she is excited because we are going to go "inside the picture" ( how clever is she? Flossy, I mean)

this picture if from Flossy-p blog

Busy loves the invitation almost as much as me ( seriously the nicest thing I have ever got in the mail, I squealed when I opened it. A lot. Followed by a breathless message on their answer machine) and shows everyone. I am so excited to be going into the picture too. Flossy is a gorgeously witty woman and Mr You is a lovely sweet funny man. Its going to be great, but I will remain tight lipped about the details- I don't want to rain on Flossy's parade....keep your eyes over here.

(psst- I will ask Flossy what I am allowed to show you so you don't have to wait to long....)


  1. It sounds as though it's going to be one amazing day. I have been following flossy's preparations for a while now and can't wait to see photos and the like. I simply loved here ring nest.

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  2. I remember when you girls first met now. I just didn't realise it was you.

    Hope tomorrow is fabulous. You're right, it will be wonderful to step into the picture. I think you are in for a little bit of magic. Hope you get to show a little bit of a preview to us.

    Maybe one day I'll be able to come to lunch with all you girls.

  3. What a wonderful story. I hope you have the best time. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. I can't wait to see the photos - how super excititng!
    PS - I remember when Flossy blogged about looking for friends cute that you both found each other - it was fate!


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