Friday, October 16, 2009

blog crush

Hmmm, blog crush... " I've got a crush on you... pretty darling... when the day................." ( I know its a cover but Cassandra Wilson sings it -you know the song.... ( she also does a great cover of You're a Lucky Guy - which is the song I play when Chef is a bit cranky with me and he needs to be reminded how I am not really that hard to live with - in fact it is quite nice, in fact he is quite lucky!!!)
I have loads of blog crushes- (see sidebar plus many many more) but for my daily dose of pretty and inspiration this blog is second to none. I cannot believe the amazing and gorgeous things she finds! I love it.
Anyway its Rachel from Handmadecharlotte- visual inspiration - she finds all this amazing stuff... AND she has FIVE children.
stuff like this:

This particularly caught my eye as it was how we got taken to bed when we were kids and how we take Busy to bed now ( either that or horsey ride) Aren't they beautiful!!!!
And THIS!!!! I NEEEEEED one!!!!

go have a look - its so good!!!

Has anyone seen or heard of Chont- she WON my giveaway but I can't get in contact with her!!??

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  1. WOW
    this is brilliant stuff. I wish i could help you. Let us know when she contacts you it is AWESOME!!!


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