Monday, October 19, 2009

fave website:

Why Etsy of course. Although Regretsy is now a close second, and Madeit is catching up too...
funny how they are all shopping related....


  1. Never heard of Regretsy. Is that fair dinkum. Must take a look.
    And yes, the watermelon is good now. The summer fruits, I have found are early because of unseasonably warm weather up north. Be wary of the grapes though, everything but the really dark ones are imported from the US.

  2. Hi Cathy, what a lovely blog you have here! Thought it was about time, I came and said hello!

  3. Hi Cath, just tried out animoto (with animal photos) what fun! I looked at regretsy the other day after reading about it on your blog - haven't laughed so much for ages! can't believe that people actually list those things for sale! PS didn't realise you were in Bellingen - I'm just a little further north!

  4. oh gosh i love regretsy it is so amusing!! i search etsy a lot for my blog i have come across some crazy stuff


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