Wednesday, October 07, 2009


It would appear, that last week at daycare, Busy, after having a little "accident" decided to dispose of the evidence by flushing said undies and shorts down the toilet*. She managed, quite skilfully I think to block the entire sewerage system of the street causing plumbers and sewerage workers to attend to fix the problem at midnight on Thursday night.

I tell you the girl has initiative!


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* we discovered this as her daycarer had turned her house upside down looking for the pants and this morning I asked Busy to show me where she put them she said "I putted dem in dere pointing inside toilet) and pressed button. " so that explains the sewrage issues on Thursday night.....


  1. Bloody kids.....who'd have em!! This is so Hilarious!!!

  2. ooo just saw "Angus Appleberry" on the Weekly "Made it" Newsletter - congrats!! What a cutie!

  3. This story makes me feel a bit better about the two complete rolls of toilet paper my boys attempted to dispose of in a single flush.

    Kids + Loos = Expense

  4. That is so sweet & funny... but I can only say that because this time it wasn't my child.

  5. The last thing that ended up in the loo here sadly wasn't flushed and required retrieval by yours truly! I'd rather Busy's method then someone else can go fishing in the sewerage system, someone with really thick rubber gloves...


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