Monday, October 12, 2009

Pretty caravan? ( is that an oxymoron?)

Why are they so hideous inside? All that coral and peach colour, and hideous wallpaper, and bad design, tables that are bolted in etc... there is so much room for improvement...
I have long complained about their revolting-ness and how in order for me to travel around in one when we get old (as it seems in Australia is di rigour ) it will need a serious makeover. Huge. Money will need to be spent, upholstery altered, paint painted, walls moved, tables unbolted etc etc etc
Why hasn't someone started making them - affordable yet, funky, cool, hip, retro, you know???
Well they have.
This is Constance. I think I love her.

Constance can't go on road but can be hired for photos shoots if you are that way inclined. however there is other retro goodness for hire from this forward thinking company.

Unfortunately it is in the UK.

Have a look at their site. ( if you want to make yourself hyperventilate like I did)


  1. Isn't she a dream? I would like my own Constance to have in the garden. I could go and hide in her and drink cups of tea. I think you have inspired me to look out for a second hand caravan - I really need another project (not) xo

  2. that's gorgeous! our family had a caravan near kirkubright, but it wasnt as pretty as constance!!

  3. Way too adorable, yes great for photo shoots etc.

  4. Hi Cath
    We’re so glad that Constance has restored your faith in caravans!Constance is a 1956/57 year old caravan, so at age 53(ish) it’s nice to know she can still turn heads!

    Beck - although the caravan was bought for our kids primarily (believe it or not, cheaper than a playhouse!), I do often find myself in there with a cup of tea and a biscuit watching the wildlife ... bliss! She's been used for several photo shoots and will be appearing in a book sometime next year! We love her dearly! x

  5. I feel like I've seen this caravan before...

  6. oh oh its so FAB!! im hyperventilating too!

  7. Oh what a lovely name Constance, and what a beauty of a caravan!

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