Saturday, November 14, 2009

inspired by:

On Wednesday at our almost monthly lunch with the ladies , the talented Flossy-p was wearing this lovely top that she had customised herself with yoyos. Anyway, this inspired me as I was planning on making a little handbag for a friend of Busys' from day care who will be 2 tommorrow and she is having a party. (Someone is pretty pumped about the party! well me too... I love cake and miss 2's aunty is a pastry chef....hehehehe)
I was gong to do some embroidery on it but I thought, after seeing Flossys top I would have a go at some yoyos. It came out very cute- I should have lined it but I am sure Miss 2 won't mind.
here it is:

Speaking of Flossy- have you entered her Annual Thanskgiving Illustration Giveaway- if not why bloody not??? Are you mad??!!! Go NOW! Go! What are you waiting for!!!


  1. Love it! The yoyos are ace. I love a 2 year old with a handbag.

  2. Very very cute! It looks great! Sure she's going to LOVE it!

  3. great bag, and yummy yoyos. fantastic combination. well done


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