Friday, November 06, 2009

Its raining, men.

Looks like the 5th flood this year!!!! Chef woke up grumbling this morning worried he was flooded in and there would be no fishing trip. I completely freaked out... the nightmare of him being disappointed over not being able to go fishing and stuck inside with the rain.............

Kill. Me.Now. 

One of the other wives rang and said "you are going aren't you???!!!!! (desperation in her voice.... )I am not going to cope with ( my husband) inside all weekend disappointed"...  I am hearing you sister!So we sent them all off this morning before the road got cut off. Phew!

What is it with men and rain? Chef just does not cope. Once the tank is full ( it's over flowing as we speak this is so annoying to us- we can't get any government rebate on water tanks because we HAVE to have one -as we are not on town water- so we can't get a rebate on getting another one!!!!) he is over it. So he starts cooking and cooking and I start eating and eating!!!! the ne paces and grumbles and stares out the window forlornly....

Speaking of food- he has cooked me enough food for the weekend that I could have a banquet for 40 people. ( Come on over!- if  you can wade through the flood waters and navigate our seriously dodgy four wheel drive only steep muddy slippery long driveway you are most welcome) Moroccon lamb tagine, ricotta and spinach gnocchi, he has baked vegies and picked lettuce from the garden, made soup and stocked up the fridge with everything you could conceivable think I would want to eat in  the next 72 hours.

Despite my protests of don't worry I will be fine. He says "But I want to"

 and that is why I love him so.

(God... hurling yet at the love?)


  1. Oh cool that your chef is from Christchurch! Its a very pretty city, unfortunately the crime rates are sky-high at the moment, but I seem to be able to keep out of trouble ;)
    Never ever sickened by love.

  2. my husband has alot of trouble with unstructured time. When his plans go awry he really gets in a fluster. It can be quite exasperating sometimes!

  3. i'm loving the LOVE!!

    my boyfriend like to cook though not the exotic dishes your man whips up, so i can relate to the 'love' such men inspire =-)

  4. Not hurling - laughing and loving the love too!!!
    Happy feasting Cath.

  5. wow Cath! and here I am telling you to enjoy the sunshine..oopsss!
    what a great chef you have there, awwwwww :)

  6. You could move to Melbourne. It hardly ever seems to rain here :-(

    Not hurling at all, and I have a low hurl threshold. He sounds like a real catch ;-)

  7. More love, more love, more love...

    Sound slike you could use it after whats been going on recently in your life. Hope things are looking up for you and your friends. xx


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