Tuesday, November 03, 2009

You gotta love blog world

So over the last couple of days a few people have told me that I never come up on their dashboard when I have a new post, and that on some blogs it says I haven't posted for 2 months- which clearly I have. So the lovely Kate from Foxslane pointed this out but also helpfully suggested I talk to her equally lovely sister Meg . So the lovely Meg, who teaches people about blogs talked me through step by step how to fix it so hopefully by the time you read this it will have all fixed itself.

AND if you are reading this on Wednesday the 4th November its Kates birthday so swing by and send her your regards HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE- MMMMWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

Then to top it all off - with the - how-good-is-this- blog- thing I won a giveaway! The amazingly talented Penny from Pocket Carnival sent me a prize pack and it was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks so much  Penny- I LOVE IT!!!

AND as if all of that isn't enough of a reason to smile one of my softies has been featured in Storque on Etsy and another is featured in the Gift Guides on Etsy - with Penny featured in the same one! yiiipppppppppppppppppppeeee!!!
All of this kindness has been very needed- the world can be very fair sometimes-I feel like I was due some good karma and it came through.....yay....*sigh*


  1. yay, good Karma, goodluck & of course lots of hard work!
    that's great.
    you are on the top of my bloglist now.
    {hugs} daarling, you are needing a few ♥

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean about blog world being absoloutely-freaking-marvellous, I've not been at it very long at all & all the lovely comments, energy & yes, prizes that have come my way have been AMAZING! I only hope I can give back even a small portion of what blogging has given me lately!


  3. Wow!! Congrats on the feature!! Thats so cool!!~


  4. Oooh lovely....and glad to see you're all fixed too!

    Just in case you're wondering, Valentino is still a very firm cuddle favourite. He's slept with biggest boy every night since he arrived....and that's a record!


  5. Congratulations on etsy features - that is wonderful news.
    ... and YAY - you now show up on my updated blog thingie :)

  6. Omg all your blog posts for, like, EVER! just appeared in my Blogger dashboard. Hooray for fixing it!

    And yay, I'm glad you like your package!

  7. Thanks for the shout out! It was really lovely to meet you. xx

  8. Oh my goodness! I wondered what had happened to you, I checked a few times (in my blogger reader) to see if you were back in action. I just assumed you were taking a long holiday!

    Anyway, I now have a backlog of chunkychooky to catch up on. Hurrah.

  9. congrats on your prize.
    and for your work being featured. Love them both.

  10. I just thought you were being very quiet ! ooops .

  11. Yes I have been meaning to mention. Glad it is fixed I had thought you had a mysterious accident!

  12. Hooray! I'm so glad your posts are appearing on my dashboard again! Could you possibly post instructions for what had to be done to fix the problem as yours is not the only blog with this issue!

  13. Thanks so much Cath for the birthday wishes. And congrats on the feature and prize. Have a great day. XX

  14. ahhh I was wondering where you went!

  15. YAY! I had nothing from you for ages and now heaps!! Better get to and catch up xox

  16. And I'm so glad for the feature--I love the rattle I ordered. :) We're going to have a forest-themed nursery, once, you know, *things* happen, and this is absolutely perfect. xo


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