Monday, December 07, 2009

Bah humbug (part 1.)

It is about time I confessed.

I really don't like a lot of things about Christmas.

Its not Christmas that I have a problem with.

Its the behaviour of certain individuals that I don't like.

For example:
what is with those earrings that flash red and green?
what is with the t-shirts that say HO ho ho?
what is with the rampant use of tinsel?
what is with the adults wearing santa hats to work?
what is with the fake snow?

Every year I am made to feel like scrooge because I don't like it. But the things I don't like about it are more to do with the ridiculous consumerism and people buying crap for people they don't really like- because "its Christmas!"

This year I have made an effort for Busy who really doesn't understand much about it but knows it means presents (see what I mean????!!!!!!)

This year I have tried really hard and have even made a Christmas tree.

This year I have tried not to complain about afore mentioned things.
( but this year I have a blog- therefore a platfrom in which I can complain loudly about all the things I don't like about it- in the hope that someone will agree with me!!!)

bah humbug part 2 is coming.... watch out santa I am coming to get ya!


  1. Oh I hear you! and I agree. No tinsel here, no gimmicky earrings and no ugly TShirts! As much homemade as is doable, with some special trinkets that hold memories, not just bought for the sake of it at the 2 buck shop!

  2. Me too ! We are trying our hardest ( 2 daughters and moi ) to have a handmade xmas ! The men are the hardest though! They are happy with a bunnings voucher so they can buy tools to handmake things so thats kinda ok !
    We tend to spluge on the food side of things and not at all on all the shiny trimmings!

  3. I agree - BAH HUMBUG
    It is the awful consumerism that gets to me too.
    And why can't we protest without being made to feel like social outcasts - let's all go Bah Humbug together!

  4. I'm on your side :)

    We do give the kids a few presents but prefer to just make it a time of year to wind down (before starting all over again) and make the time to catch up with friends and family.

  5. Totes with you. I don't mind a little 'dress ups' but only if it's second hand or handmade! My immediate family is VERY good at the anti consumeristic holidays, but the in laws love the bloody dollar shop and I ache at these 'bargains'... It's hard to change 60 years of consumerism with my MIL

  6. You are so not alone!
    Christmas is what you make it, I am not into shiny, disposable, that much myself...but somehow the Christmas spririt has to accommodate those of our relatives who find all things tinselly and tacky endearing.
    So many presents get 'recycled' on ebay, or end up at charity stores.
    Those flashing earrings are a big bugbear to me!!
    Our family last year said enough, and the kids still get pressies, but the adults are restrained, we buy 'smiles' from World Vision, and do food quite well though!
    The Christmas message gets drowned out 'many' ways, distracted by the buying mantra, or the busyness of the season.
    We need time to reflect, and wonder.

  7. Hehehe i don't like the commercial and religious hype about chrissy but over all love it. I found making it unique to my little family made me like it a little more..
    Good luck over the next few weeks, those earings are sure to hunt you down..xx

  8. Tee hee! Christmas has gotten way out of hand (I blame Coca-Cola) but it's down to the individual to remind their family & friends what it is supposed to be about... spending time with those that mean the most to you x

  9. oh yes - the plastic fantastic make me ill - I just don't go out into the world - I stay home from about now on cooking gingerbread and crafting when the two smalls let me and make christmas smells to warm the spirit. I agree but I just avoid avoid and then roll in my own version till coated nicely!

  10. And what's with the fake snow in Aussieland!!!?? Seriously I thought Australia might have a different take on commercial xmas that might be a tad better than here in the UK... I am so with you on the handmade xmas.. we're doing our bestest here with printables, foodie gifts and tree ornaments... good on ya!

  11. amen to that sister. the earings.... why? WHY?!



  12. As I sit here in my flashing earings, big red hat and T shirt that says HO HO HO (or is it hehehe) I wonder where has your christmas spirit gone. Also if I could have your address cause I picked you up a little something wonderful from my fav shop 'Crazy Clarks' you'll love it

  13. I totally agree. Every year I get hell from my family because I'm not into Ho ho ho shirt, elf hat wearing crazyness. I also not that into the Christmas Lights. Dont get me wrong some people do a great job but a lot of them just look like the people just threw the lights on the house and where they landed they stayed. I like to make the time of year about spending time with my son, doing craft and playing card games and doing uzzles.

  14. oh im with you! our 'christmas' tree consists of some bamboo stakes tied at the top with random homemade 'decorations', i have although had to put some tinsel on it this year at mr two's request.
    all handmade presents, and few at that.
    i do love getting together and enjoying everyones company! thats what christmas should be all about!

  15. I did our big online shop before Christmas. We don't drive so it's the easiest way to do it. Most of the money went on alcohol, my antidote to the garishness of christmas. I particularly hate Christmas carols on loop in shopping centres!

    My english husband is still completely confused by the winter christmas decorations everywhere...

  16. I agree with you cath, but i also love christmas and i suppose all that tacky stuff goes with it. what i hate is un-christmas-like today for instance, i was browsing in spotlight, purchasing yet more stuff for projects that i may never finish....and the sales girl, all decked out in christmasy tacky stuff ie hat, earrings, etc, is rude as anything. you cant wear christmas and be rude, you have to embrace the christmas spirit i think if you want to wear christmas.

  17. See, usually you can inspire the soapbox in me in, oh, a second flat. But today? Today I just feel purged and zenlike after reading that. Can't wait for the back up 'part 2' therapy!

  18. Dear Chunkychooky

    what is the nicest thing you look forward to cooking in the next few weeks?
    Forget XXMASS
    Just some time off with loved ones.
    We hope to make a delicious summer pudding to share - lots of berries
    and goes well with champagne and double cream


  19. WOO HOO! i've just checked to see your blog and I'm SO GLAD that i'm not the only one who feels like Scrooge (or Grinch!) at this time of year!! i'm starting to write about it on my blog too, to help me process the bad parts out and try to focus on the good parts. i'm definitely against the consumerism, which is a hard one to stop =-(

    will now go to read your follow-up post!!


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