Friday, December 18, 2009

blog love

tThe other day a little parcel arrived in the post from the very kind and lovely Kate from Foxs Lane.
 Two beautiful little hairclips for Busy and one of her lovely crocheted little bags for soap ends.

I had been collecting these soap ends, wondering what to do with them, when Kate blogged about these little bags she has made- exactly for this purpose.

It works like a treat. Thanks again Kate!!

In other news in blogland Gina at clutterpunk has written about her favourite posts this year, some great reads that you may have missed...
 Cate at Polka Dot Rabbit has written a great post about making a living from craft- the trials and tribulations-a very honest and thought provoking account.
Luisa at Dance in My Garden has written a great post- a must read-  about visual merchandising- basically how to set up a really good market stall - loads of tips and ideas and some great pictures, one of the best and most helpful posts this year- if you have a market stall or are thinking of setting one up go and read it.
Being a fan of all things Red - this post of collections by Meg at Land of Meg was my most favourite of picture posts this year...
plus always loving the great photography by Leonie and Tania and the ridiculously amazingly clever  ideas for stuff to do with kids Nikki comes up with seemingly on a weekly basis is truly inspiring.


  1. Oh that lovely Kate! What a treat! So pretty and so practical.

  2. Hey there Lucky Duck - you can just tell that soap end bag does good things for the skin. And thanks for some of those EXTREMELY useful sounding links!

  3. I love that bag what a great idea! also...

    I have awarded you a kreative blogger award please see my blog for details

  4. Oh wow, look at your collection of little soap bits. I am thrilled to have helped you solve the 'what to do with them' issue and that the bag works. I'll have to let my mother in law know I don't need her suggestions! Love that little Busy carries her clips around in her handbag. Off to check out some of those links. X

  5. Cath, what an interesting collection of good blog posts! (chuckle!)
    On a serious note, I think it's a good time of year to have a bit of introspection, I enjoyed the article by Polka Dot Rabbit, and will check out the links from Clutterpunk too. It's bizarrely reassuring to know there are people out there battling with similiar crafting issues.

  6. This post of yours is like Kate's soap bag - collecting little bits and pieces together, making them easy to use.

    And thanks so much for the link to my photos. Nice to know that there's someone out there who doesn't think I'm a tad silly for favouring just one hue. xx

  7. soap in a bag is a great idea! We grate ours for making washing powder but this would be a great way to use the little bits!

    thanks for your support over my post, I've received alot of interesting (and validating) feedback.

  8. those little soap end's bags are the ducks nuts, eh?
    love your blog. thanks for sharing!

  9. I always love stopping by for the great little soap bits of your life.
    thanks for making me smile lovely Cath :)

  10. Oh...gosh...thanks for the mention!! I was super proud as I only got my camera 12 months ago!

  11. so attractive post for lovely words. I am wishing all here a very nice and enjoyful Christmas in advance..

    r4 dsi

  12. Finally getting back into reading some posts after the festive craziness. Some more to add to the list... thankyou. And thanks for saying such a sweet thing about me. I blushed with much appreciation! xxxx


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