Friday, December 11, 2009

giveaway number 3!!!..........................

In my haste and excitement I promised a four week giveaway....I hadn't counted on Chefs incident with the ladder/ cactus ending in broken ribs , nor had I expected our Family Day Carer to get very sick ( as in hospitalised) hence day care finishing two weeks earlier than planned....nor had I made time for lots of orders both on line and wholesale... So I am recycling a very popular giveaway!!!It was my biggest one ever! (in terms of entries)
On my 100th post  I had a giveaway of a lovely bag to keep in your handbag ( so much better than the ugly - yet practical -green ones) and some furry buttons. The winner never came forward and I was unable to contact her- so I am giving away the same bag and same buttons that I had tried to giveaway from my 100th post.

The Perfect recycled giveaway gift- I am even re-using the photos!!! Plus I felt like it was time YOU got a present not a little something for someone little...

So it will be the last of the chunkychooky giveaways for now and I thank everyone sincerely for putting the giveaway badge on their blogs. I am really sorry it has to end early...
I also want to thank you all for the heart felt wishes to Chef  he was very touched by the kindness...(Trasha you made me laugh out loud!!!)
 Entries are open until next Monday night- winner will be announced Tues and I will POST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!!
 All you have to do to enter is make a comment below and introduce yourself- if I don't already know you.
And please put an email address if you don't have a blog.
( sorry again for the false advertising of a four week giveaway- I hate going back on my word....I feel guilty)


  1. Hope all smooths out for you soon!

  2. Well I guess no formal introduction. Hello! I am Amy! I blog things.


  3. Isn’t it annoying when you make plans, and then the world goes and interferes with them. At any rate I hope the injuries and illness heal quickly and happily in time for Christmas (a broken rib really is a rotten thing to have).

    I’m Becky – an archaeology student from Brisbane with a love of all things arty and handmade. My major vice is buttons (so I’m a little in love with this giveaway) and I have a little nephew who I got one of your softies for last year- which he absolutely adores to pieces (who wouldn’t).

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas and wonderful New Years,


  4. oh! so sorry to hear about your troubles.
    lovely bag too, sadly not my style.
    commenting, but not wanting to win, okay? :)


  5. Yay - great bag and oh the possibilities with those fury buttons.

  6. Hello, I'm Melanie and you know who I am in the cyber way of knowing who I am.

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  8. Don't feel guilty AT ALL!

    Life is more important than a blog post!

    All the best with mending those ribs on that Chef of yours!

  9. hi!
    i am carmel, how are you?
    im from israel, {i wish i lived in the stats...}
    and i think that you all ready know that i love your blog and soft toys.

  10. The buttons are so pretty! Like little lambs :)

  11. hi
    great recycling!!
    hope everything sorts itself out soon
    gill x

  12. oh what would i do with some furry buttons? put them in a cute fancy bag that i'm hoping to win!

  13. Hi Cath, hope life calms down a bit soon. xx

  14. Ooohh, I loved this one the first time around.
    I hope your man gets better really soon and that you get enough time to do what you gotta do without childcare in the meantime.

  15. Hi I'm Charis & I like to blog & make stuff... I havea fetish for wool, felt & buttons...
    I hope your other half heals soon, Cactus accidents are always traumatic (ouch!!!!) ;)

    Thanx for the oppurtunity to win such lovely goodies!

  16. Oh my goodness!!!
    I found your blog so randomly with this lovely post about giveaway.I'm really lucky!!!! :D
    I'm Parisa and I'm an Illustrator.
    I started my shop today and I would be happy to see you there.

  17. Hello! My name is Heather and I sew and screen print and raise a daughter and chickens. Oh, and read a lot of blogs. Stay sane!

  18. Oooo, pretty things! glad to have raised a smile at your place during tough times ;-) Hope all calms down before Christmas.

  19. thanks, I love entering your giveaway!
    Grace here!

  20. Holy moly. Things have been EVENTFUL around your place. Poor, poor Chef. I presume digesting felt food for the duration of rib healing will prompt a whole lot of thought before next he climbs to great heights (while a cactus waits with open arms below).

    And well done you, for knowing when to 'fold' em.

  21. Hiya, Im Leisa. Im relatively new to the blogging world but enjoying it immensely. (apart from the lack of spellcheck. Im not enjoying that).

    Im sorry to hear about chef's accident. Ive been offline for a while and didnt realise. The poor man! Many healing thoughts sent his way. And Im sorry to hear about your care person's illness too. Unfortunate and worrying. I hope things get better for you going forward!

    Im very much enjoying your blog. Its one of the ones I visit frequently. And Im loving your giveaway. Thank you for providing the opportunity!

    ;-) Leisa

  22. Hellooo!

    Thanks for stopping by. Your Etsy store is wicked cute. Good luck with that!

  23. Gorgeous bag! I really enjoy your blog xx

  24. Hi, I'm Judy. I live in (rainy) California. I blog and I read blogs. Pretty yellow bag!

  25. Ooh sore ribs are no fun at all! Your bag looks so pretty and I love the fuzzy wuzzy buttons! I'm Bronwyn and it is lovely to meet you.

  26. dont feel guilty cath! its a great 3rd giveaway, oooh all the fun i could have with those buttons!
    anyhoo, im bec, a fellow madeit peep, and i love tea, making jam, buttons (especially fuzzy ones), and vintage fabrics of all sorts. oh and aspire to have a taj mahal of composting loos like yours one day ;)


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