Thursday, December 31, 2009

Please wear something with a bit of lycra in the waist region:

 Tonight we are having some friends over for a 8 course degustation at our place. Chef has been preparing since Monday night and working at the busiest time of the year ( - our little town is packed with visitors which means good news for me as they are buying my rattles like nobodies business - I cannot make them quick enough which is very exciting!!!) Chef and The Apprentice- who has just returned from travelling around the world- even caught the mud crabs for the crab bisque on tonights menus. Food porn photos very soon.

I just had to post this photo of Busy who was pretty excited about the crabs - please ignore mess in background...
More embroidery- I think it will be this years present- last year everyone got plastic lined shoe bags. Fancy being born on New years Day? Poor thing everyone always forgets- so I have made a special someone this for her brithday... I hope she likes it.

 Have a great New Years Eve!! xxx


  1. That little Busy is just the cutest! I hope you have a wonderful night and that the year to follow is the best ever. XX

  2. What a great way to see in the new year !

  3. Eep, can't wait for the photos. I loved those asparagus ones from Christmas!

    Happy 2010 and well wishes to you!

  4. Your degustation eve sounds delish!
    Loving the embroidery too.
    Happy New Year Cath - thanks for all your kindness and warmth in 2009.

  5. Happy new years! And happy birthday!
    All the best for a wonderful year. :)

  6. Wow, does Chef do off-site degustations, ie: Melbourne : )

    What and amazing dinner party! Can't wait to see the food porn pics.

    Have a fantastic, happy, fun-filled 2010!!!

  7. aw great pressie! I love the title of your post - made my day as I sit here expanding in the thought of it all....

  8. Wishing you a very happy new year. I hope you enjoyed your degustation (lycra sounds like very sound advice!).

  9. Happy New Year to you and your mob.
    Busy looks too cute holding that crab - is it dead already?
    Loving your embroidery - so sweet and special.

  10. Sounds delicious, we cheated with Thai food & children early into bed, well after watching 9p.m. fireworks on television. Just soaking up time with my husband. Happy New Year, love Posie

  11. Talk about town being full of tourists - it was so busy today I couldn't even get a carpark near the post office - and it was lunchtime on a Saturday lol.

    btw had the wagyu beef burger for lunch today - very impressed :-) can you pass my regards onto the chef :-)

  12. Gorgeous photo... cute embroidery.

    And yes, a birthday on new year's day seems like a bit of a rip off.

  13. Happy New Year!! Love the stitchery. Fab idea xox


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