Saturday, January 30, 2010


Kate just gave me a great idea, in fact it was Leonie who planted the seed. You see I am about to launch my new shop, over here at bigcartel. I wanted to have my own shop where I am  not in competion directly with anyone else. Just me, out on  my own. Makes me feel more independent. No rules, no relisting fees, no signing up to websites....

What I wanted to ask of you, my lovely bloggy friends, is to have a look and give me a critique of it SO FAR, that is the easy bit... but then there is this ... you see I have this doggy, like the mummy and daddy dogs I made Busy for her birthday... and he is made from the most divine pink and orange fabric but the stitching is a little wonky in one place but apart from that he is great ... so what I was thinking of is selling him on my new big cartel shop as a sample and - this is where the idea from Kate and Leonie came from- I will give 100% of his asking price to Care Australia. This way you are helping me out by allowing me to go through the big cartel selling something experience- and donating to charity- plus you get a dog!!! Free Postage too!

This is him:
Get him quick- hopefully he sells really quick!
and the hugest thankyou in the world to Leonie for helping me set up my big cartel shop here is a link to Leonies shop.
and PLEASE spread the word!!!


  1. Lovely idea. Always do the 'each product is handmade & unique, any slight imperfection would be noted & a small discount applied' & trust me, they'll still sell as what did your baby do to some toys?? Right, so say it up front, knock 10% off the price & it will sell. On this orange puppy, fabulous idea to sell him as imperfect & proceeds go to charity, all very anit plastic & mainstream. Love Posie

  2. This is really very good idea. I like it a lot.
    I am planning to buy some good small toys for my sister's little boy. It looks to funny...
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  3. He looks just wonderful.
    And great idea about Big Cartel...I have been toying with the idea too for a while.
    Have a lovely Saturday.

  4. He's cute Cathy, congrats on setting up the store, I'm off to check it out now!

  5. fabulous Cath!
    all the best with the new shop, hope you do awesomely

  6. He's very sweet! Let's see if BigCartel worked ...

  7. Oh yeah, great idea! I'm positive he'll sell really quickly. Big Cartel has been on the top of my 'where to sell online' list. I hope it is really successful for you. X

  8. I'm just about to head over to check out your store, but i love the idea of donating the proceeds of the adorable little dog to Care Australia. Hope the new store goes really well for you....Dee

  9. i love it cath! i think its important to have multiple pics of different sides/angles/etc, next best thing to actually picking it up and touching it, and you have done that! great work

  10. Oh....I missed out!!!! I was happy to help, no problems at all. xx


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