Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Noble(ish) cause

One night a while ago Jodi from Ric Rac and I were emailing each other about the town I live, Jodi use to live here, we started talking about our crafting and about her amazing selvedge frock (I was saying it was amazing Jodi is far to modest for that) . She said someone actaully said to her/ emailed her that she was wasting her talent making softies. This comment has stayed with me as I just cannot believe anyone would ever think that?
Speaking of Jodi - have you voted yet?

                          this sweet photo is used , with permission, from Nic at Yardage Design

Call me Pollyanna but I really believe making a softie for a child to cuddle, to play with, to be comforted by in the middle of the night, to dress up, to drag thru the supermarket, to take to the park and push it down the slide, to feed and play and dress up- is a noble cause ( ok maybe noble is overstating it) but certainly something to appreciate... or making anything for someone else- its just the nicest thing you can do? Don't you think? When you are making it you are thinking about the person, what they will like, the colours you choose- its so heartfelt. I love that some little children all over USA, and Europe are cuddling something I made. It gives me the warm fuzzies...

Its like cooking ( and as you know I do very little/ none - however there was that one time) I know its how Chef shows love. He always cooks for our family. ( although sometimes he does threaten to strike and I cook, but sometime I just have to come up with the idea of what we are having), even before he goes off fishing/ to work/ crabbing, general hunting and gathering- and I often say don't worry about my dinner but he finds the idea of me having toast and fruit for dinner so unacceptable that he cooks for me. I have stopped arguing- although always so appreciative and I NEVER for one moment forget how lucky I am. He knows I appreciate it and I really really do...

But do others see it as showing love- by feeding as nurturing? I know loads of you will find the what-are-we-having- for- dinner question exhausting and hate having to do it all the time.

We have people over for dinner a lot - we love it- sometimes its just pasta eaten sitting on the lounge but I do love that idea of sharing food with friends. There is nothing I love more in the world than a full table of food, big bowls of different things you serve yourself , and all the chairs full of friends- children giggleing and squealing with glee in the backgroud... to me that is perfect...

Plans are underway for Busy's 3rd Birthday on Australia Day ... I cannot wait to see her little face when she sees what we have in store for her! I think I am as excited as she is!!!
(And trying not to cry as the munchkin gets a bit older and less babyesque- I am SUCH a sook)


  1. I've been voting for Ric Rac, yahoo!!
    My husband cooks, so his absense is noted - even tonight 'gee, these mash potatoes aren't like Daddy's' well no they aren't. I cook to survive as i'd rather be sewing, but my husband can switch off from the horror of his work & cook with such love & flavour. Happy Birthday Busy, a big parcel is coming your way!! Love Posie

  2. are you asking me! of course!! I show my love to people through baking & anxiously awaiting the nod of approval.
    you know though I don't cook, I can, but my chef does such a wonderful job how could anyone ever come close. so yes, food is nurture & love & all the things that a softie is and it gives you energy to play with all those wonderful softies.
    hugs to Busy for her birthday, my nephew is having his bday on tuesday aswell. have fun ♥

  3. Showing love in any guise, whether it's making a softie, or cooking a meal is NEVER EVER wasted.

  4. happy birthday to Busy for Australia Day - it's my Mum's birthday as well & she will be a grand old 79 y.o. Hope you all have a great day.

  5. Wasting her talent!! are you kidding me I wish I could make a softie and I sew everyday. Anything 3D is just beyond me. Anything and everything handmade is full of love, every single step is thought out and laboured over definately not a waste. Happy birthday Busy!

  6. It is a comment too hard to ponder! Wasted talent? No Way!! I agree, EVERY child should have at least one softie, which is why my passion is to make them too. This year i am planning on making 100 for charity again, this time adding in some boys plushy cars and trucks. Like you, i cannot cook but my hubby does to relax after a long day at work. We are a bunch of lucky ladies aren't we?

  7. Cath, this post really made me think.
    I think its ok, you know, to make toys. Frocks are fine but they are not little characters, and little characters are what I love to make, with little stories. Other people think other things and thats fine. No, I don't think it is wasted time or talent, it is just what makes me happy - and then maybe others too....and that can't be a bad thing.

  8. I'm imagining great birthday preparation mania at your place today! Hope the day is everything and more. And from one great big sook to another - no point holding back the tears. Otherwise they all bottle up and then get explosive when you least expect it - then your kid thinks you're the weirdiest Mum around. (I may be typing from experience).

  9. Wishing your daughter the most fantastic birthday , no you are not a sook , just a mum !

  10. Happy birthday to Busy for today!!!

  11. I know just how you feel (in fact your thoughts brought a tear to my eye), whenever I make a toy, I imagine the child loving it!! How was the big 3 birthday party? Do tell!!

  12. I've eaten YOUR cooking. And it was good! Just thought I'd mention that...


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