Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Am I addicted?

Addiction can be diagnosed in this way:  ( according to the definitive guide- the Diagnostic Stastitical Manual - volume 4 a.k.a DSMIV which is basically the book with every psychiatric illness listed and the criteria for diagnosis- its intesting stuff and  am I sounding like a big nerd? )
Three or more of the following:
  •  Tolerance ( you cannot get addicted the first time you have it- yur body needs to build up a physiological dependence)
  • Withdrawal ( feeling crapola if you don't have it)
  • large amounts over a long period
  • unsuccessful efforts to cut down
  • time spent in obtaining the substance replaces other activities 
  • continued use despite adverse consequences.
OR in more laymans terms:

  • Thinking about it all the time
  • Dreaming about it.
  • Wondering about it.
  • Doing it when you should be doing other things.
  • Staying up late on school nights to do it.
  • Saying just one more.
If you know who these two blokes are you may be addicted to:

yep, I am talking about The Wire.
Some friends lent us the box set of the whole series.
One of the best series I have ever seen - in terms of reeling you in and making you want more....
I know its on SBS or ABC at the moment but if I had to wait a week between episodes I would not be coping.  


  1. Everyone has an addiction, depends on what is your poison?? Me, fabric, harmless enough, but brings me all those sensations & pleasures, plus family friendly. Before i was sewing & at Uni, i guess it was shopping. So i haven't come too far, just changed tact. Don't know The Wire, still trying to rewatch Mad Men series now. Love Posie

  2. The Mr was gifted the box set for Christmas. I COULDN'T GET INTO IT. In fact, night after night there was eye rolling. And here I thought you'd finally taken up the crochet hook.

    On a brighter, more agreeable note, it's lovely to have Mr McCloud back for four weeks...

  3. Definitely not nerdy to know lots about the DSM-IV!! (Yes, I possibly have an interest in this not being classified as nerdy!)

    I've seen the first couple of episodes of the wire, but haven't made it any further. Should it have grabbed me by now?

  4. We are totally addicted to The Wire too, though we had to watch it with subtitles until we got used to the language. Incredible characters. Great dialogue. Absolutely addictive.

  5. You are so correct the Wire was best show they had on and I really hated it when the series was over.

    They don't make too many good shows like that now. Oh well I'm following you from Friday Follow.

    Have a great weekend

  6. My husband and I are trawling our way through it - the wire does cause occasional domestic disturbances when one of us skips ahead....

    But it's one of the best series out in a long time


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