Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beautiful Blogger award

I have been awarded the beautiful blogger award by Kerrie from Moments in Time. I know two other people have given me this award in the past and I am deeply sorry I have never gotton around to it. So here goes 7 things: ( and I am going to cheat a bit insofaras you may already know some of these things about me, and I am also going to link to soem old blog posts, but that's ok isn't it? Good.)

1. If you are new to this blog you may not know the story behind how we bought a house without a toilet, and we now have a composting toilet, you can read more about that story here

2.  I cannot walk past a rug and not straighten it- as in if one corner is flicked over.  I have noticed this is one of those things that you either can or can't do. Not a sometimes thing. Busy also cannot walk past a rug without fixing it. The first time Chef  saw her straighten a rug, he new, he was outnumbered.  My friends use to know if there flatmate had been home because they knew he would not be able to walk past the lounge room rug without fixing it. So they use to flick it over  on purpose.
3. I am the eternal optimist. The glass is always half full. Always.

4.  I have a particular love of chairs. In particular this one:
I know you can get  pretend ones, but I want a real one. They are about $7000- with the ottoman. I will probably never have one. But I like to look at them. In black leather and walnut thanks.

5. I cannot really sit still and I am always trying to work do two things at once- can you embroider whilst on an exercise bike? No- but you can crochet a little... I am like a crazy person on a long car trip as I get car sick if I try to sew, crochet, etc there for I have to be the one driving.... I just see it as such a waste a time when I could be doing something far more productive.

6. I love design and I love homewares and I love interior design, but most of all- I love Kevin ( not in an I want to " rub uglies" kind of way ( - oh how I love that expression!!!) and I love Grand Designs- you can read just how much I love it , by clicking over.
I was pretty happy to find a pic of him in a hard hat!
This feeds into my complete inability to walk into a house and not think about how I would re-design it. It's not that I think I know better than the way the owners have done it- no siree- its just that i think to myslef- if this was my house... I am such a wanna be architect it is insane. One day I just want to wake up as an architect.

7.  I am opinionated. I am enthusiastic and I am told, pretty persuasive. At times people misinterpret this as me getting cranky or being bossy but this is not the case. I am just quite clear about how I feel about certain things... that is all.... but if we disagree it will always be with a smile.
I am done? Yep, 7 things. phew.


  1. I like too.

    And as it happens I am also rather fond of Kevin McC. Such a know it all. So pompous. So cynical about people's worthy architectural dilemmas. And yet I still want to have a boozy dinner with him, we could argue and it would be fun.

  2. I loved reading all that about you Cath!
    Obviously a woman who knows what she likes, nothing wrong with that!

  3. What a great post! I am so glad you decided to go with it this time around! I wish you lived near me! My house is a mess and no matter what i do it does not look right! I would be very happy for someone like you with direction to help me make it look right! Lol. I too am an avid crafter and would like to set the world right. Power to you girl!

  4. I am right there with you with your numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5.
    Infact, especially TWO!

  5. Hi Cath, thanks so much for the great words about my blog, I really appreciate it! Karen

  6. This time its your turn to make me snort! That rub ugles bit is so good.
    Not too fussed about rugs or chairs but love myself a bit of Kev too. X

  7. Great post...I love learning new things about fellow bloggers whom I adore!
    Have a great day...LOVE your waterless Toilet...GENIUS!

  8. hey - I like him too!! :) oh my boyfreind uses 'bumping uglies' term and it always makes me giggle!

  9. 'Rub uglies'? LOL! That is hilarious! I also enjoyed reading the rest of your post. Nice to know a little more about you. :)

  10. great post Cath. love that chair and ottoman - $7000? wow! thanks for the info re template. x

  11. I so have a love of the chair too! Glen thinks that my chair obsession is a little strange. I wouldn't buy a copy either, that would just be an insult to the eame's legacy. I would love one of their chaise lounges, I think that is my favourite though I do love the rocking chair too - ok now I am just gushing!
    I so love Grand Design too, I think it is such a great look at all sorts of developments.
    I would love to be an architect, the 6 years of uni just did my head in! I work in the industry but it would still be my dream if I had time, no $ dramas and kids to through myself in.
    Sheesh, that comment was nearly as long as the post!

  12. I completely agree with #5. It drives my husband crazy when we have a movie night because I can't just sit and watch a movie. I have to be working on something. And getting up to get something to work on. Or not seeing what is happening on the tv...


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