Monday, March 22, 2010

Everyday beauty

When I was driving to work this morning a bird was flying the whole way up my steeet at eye level in front of my car, it looked so spectacular I got butterflies in my belly.

Then, I saw a calf being born while I was stopped while the council was mowing the side of the road.
pic from amazing photographer Jane Heller over here

I love the rural life.
 Have a fantastic day!!!


  1. I saw a koala in the wild for the first time ever yesterday! :)

  2. i see 3 chickens in my front yard at the moment & a kangaroo in melbournes northern suburbs..(sadly the kangaroo didn't survive).
    but i love your day better!!!
    have a great day Cath.

  3. I had to stop to let a chook cross the road today...NO JOKE!!! xx

  4. Those are big grin moments that'll stick in your head. Like my ballet dancing cyclist I watched riding down a deserted city street late one night.

  5. i love it!
    so peaceful and relaxing!
    all i saw on my drive this morning was lots of jaywalkers and roadworks.....
    have a lovely day all
    jen x

  6. I saw a crazy lady riding her bike up the main street with an outdoor umbrella tucked under her arm-oh no wait...that was me!

  7. It is lovely. Life is all around us.
    Well done for taking the time to enjoy it.
    xx Amy

  8. I agree , I love living in the country !

  9. wow wow and wow. That would have made my day.

  10. oh how gorgeous!

    i don't have any exciting random encounters for today but i'm still in love with my pet turtle and my python has a silky soft skin at the moment :)

  11. Fantastic! It's a good life...lucky you!

  12. Yesterday afternoon I saw three fat eight-year-old boys building a sandcastle in their old, see-through underpants.They looked so unused to the beach.It looked like it was some last-minute parental decision and they were so happy it made my heart hurt.

    Life is magical sometimes.

  13. I love moments like this and it's lovely to have time to enjoy them - even if they are fleeting. that would have made my day Cath.

  14. oh lordy such beauty...and to have the ability to see..well that's the gift isn't it...
    i have lots of birds around here that really make me happy but yes i know the feeling of seeing a bird at eye level...we had a pelican fly past the balcony here at eye level a couple of weeks ago...and like you ooh yes it stirred a feeling in the gut...


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