Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Guldie Fertility Totem Pincushion Arrives.

For those of you who read this great blog, you would know that Leonie and I decided to do our own pincushion swap. Outside of the Foxs lane which Kate has organised so wonderfully. Well Leonie made me the most wonderful 'pincushion'. She arrived on Monday and she is just lovely.  I was a bit overwelmed when I got her, (as were our dinner guests and everyone else who has come to our house since- everyone loves her).by her size, even though i saw the pictures, i thought she would be about 15cm tall- she is huge- I love her so much and I cannot believe someone I have never met in real life went to so much trouble for me. I am truely humbled by Leonies loveliness. I couldn't possibly stick pins in her- she has a few well placed peircings but it somehow feels like if I were to treat her as only a pincushion - well it would be disrespecting her... so she is going to be my mascot. She will sit in my sewing room, on my desk ( out of Busy's reach) watching over me, protecting me from sewing rage - you know when you sew something back to front , inside out, wrong etc... or is that just me) and just generally sending love and good feelings my way..... I think Leonie would like that....
Now, rather than try to top that- because how could I will be going down a completely different road. I will show you as soon as its finished... wish me luck...gulp...


  1. She. Is Awesome.

    I could nae stick pins in her either - she is too lovely - and BIG! Wow!

    I hope she does her job & keeps the evil sewing mojo away... ;)

  2. Ahem... *juju... not *mojo... I always mess up in your comments!!!

  3. What can I say!!! I am over the moon that she arrived in a house that she could be appreciated and LURVED forever!! May she bring all the good creative vibes in the world to your sewing adventures!! xx

  4. cute cute pincushion.... love it



  5. ohh lovely!!
    now that is one huge GFTP!
    yeah, that Leonie is a goodie alright, pitty you both live so far away, would love to have you both over for a cuppa & a laugh.

  6. Ahh, she's so colorful and friendly looking. I couldn't stick poke her with needles either but I think she'll make a great mascot.

  7. Awesome and so generous! And a mascot for the sewing table - excellent... you are not alone in sewing rage!! That is why I do not make clothes for myself!! ;)


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