Saturday, March 06, 2010

My first bloggy birthday and my new website!!!

One. Whole. Year. What a journey it has been this blogging caper. I was so nervous when I started a year ago. What if no one  reads it? What if they do? What if I put my foot in my mouth? what if my opinions offend? What if I cannot think of anything to write?
I cannot remember a time when I didn't read blogs daily now. They make me laugh and cry and nod my head in agreement. I really enjoy the 'friendships' made and those late night emails back and fourth. 
I really apprecite how I have been welcomed into this online community of crafty mummas, and not so crafty or not so mummy bloggers. I just wanted to say thankyou. Thanks. Thanks for reading and commenting and making me laugh. Thanks for helping me with Busys sleeping and all the other encouraging support. I like it a lot. So go have some cake and think of me!
AND I now have a website:
Thanks to my lovely friend Flossy-p and Mr You, they built it for me. They are really very nice and I really appreciate it.  Please go and have a look and please come back and tell me what you think of it.
I tried to find a blowing kisses picture but they are looked a bit creepy....


  1. Ccongratulations and Happy Bloggy Birthday!

    the website looks great!

    ...though my dear boyfriend wondered about the "masked bunny" ;)

  2. Congratulations, happy blogoversary!
    The website looks really grand. Well done!

  3. Happy Bloggy Birthday to ChunkyChooky! The website is very swisho indeed - like the links for aussie or international sales. Great idea!

  4. Happy Bloggy Birthday to YOU
    Happy Bloggy Birthday to YOU
    Happy Bloggy Birthday Chunky Chooky
    Happy Bloggy Birthday to YOUUUUU!!!!!

    LOVE you're new website too... noice. ;)

  5. *ahem*

    'Your' not; You are a website. *coughs*

  6. Your shop is so cute! Congratulations on your anniversary - and your new look is fab!!!

  7. You're a domain - hooray!

    Love the new website - looks ace. Congratulations on your blogversary too. Look forward to the next year.

  8. Happy Blog Birthday, that's exciting. Here's to another fabulous year in your wonderful world Cath, love Posie

  9. Happy bloggy Birthday! Website is great, you are great! Here's to many more bloggy years ahead!


  10. happy bloggy bday lovely Cath!!
    here's to another fabulous year.
    off to check out your new place.

  11. Happy Birthday & congrats on a great year! Looking forward to more blogging ahead! Off now to check out the new site...

  12. Streuth! you just got the cogs whirring and then I went off and checked and voila and all that, my first bloggy birthday is March the 6th! Ah, well, I'll celebrate precariously through you, especially since we're basically blog twins or something.

    By the way, Chook, it's been a year of a 'pleasure to read'!

  13. Happy Blog Birthday to you Cath, I've so enjoyed laughing and nodding along with you this year!!

    Your website looks amazing, it gave me little tingles right down to your crappy driveway and eco-toilet.

    Looking forward to laughing, nodding and filling the world with monsters with you this year too :)


  14. Happy Blogaversary!!
    I can't believe you've only been at it for one year. When I started last June, I thought you'd been at it for ever. You rock at it! Yay you and your blog! And yay for the website while we are at it! X

  15. Wow, happy blog birthday to you! I had a look at your new website and it looks fantastic. Very easy to navigate, nice colours and layout. Well done! Thanks for all your great posts over the year, its alway fun to read your blog xo

  16. Happy birthday chunky Chooky.. I've just discovered you & I'll be stopping by often.

  17. Love it Cath and happy blog birthday. Congratulations!

  18. Oh my Cathy, the website is ace! well done! Happy blogversary, and may there be many yet to come! I have soo enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your creations, and yes, I may have some cake today in your honour!
    x Pepper

  19. Mmmmmmm ... cake!

    Congratulations on your oneth blogaversary.

  20. Happy Bloggy Birthday , I'm so glad you've been here ! I'm off to check your website , congratulations !

  21. the website is great! as is the blog!

  22. I like's clean and modern which suits the products well. Like the Australian and International store ideas. Love your intro blurb.
    And happy bloggy birthday! I had one not long ago and it was hard to believe that just over a year ago and I wasn't thinking about my next blog post! You're so right about the citizens of blogandia...they are lovely...

  23. Happy Blog Birthday, and heartiest congrats on the web site...!
    I like it.
    well done!

  24. Love the new website - your message and products are lovely. Congratulations!


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